Img_0279Marx Toys 12″ action figure experts, Scott Stewart and Tom Heaton are joined by Rudy Panucci and Buddy Finethy to discuss Johnny West, Stony Smith and the Marx family of 1/6 scale figures.Marx produced action figures that, like GI Joe, were 1/6 scale, with adult figures standing nearly a foot tall. Unlike GI Joe, Marx figures had molded-on clothes (except for accessory pieces) and were mostly manufactured in Glen Dale, West Virginia. This makes finding rare variants and oddball short-run figures much easier since there were so many that made it out of the factory.

Scott is the man behind Stewart’s Best of The West, an ever-expanding website that compiles information on Marx action figures. ┬áTom is the author of several books on Marx figures and is the keeper of The Vintage Toy Room. ┬áBoth sites also offer items for sale. Recorded March 16 2014 at JoeLanta with some editing due to technical glitches with the camera.