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STUFF TO DO and Kickstart

Okay, it’s time once again for your guide to things you can do in and around Charleston during this waterlogged July weekend in our latest edition of STUFF TO DO, but somethng new has been added! I’m going to tell you about a couple of really cool non-sport trading card set Kickstarter campaigns that I […]

The Stegadon In The Room

Part of our trip to the Marx Toy Convention about ten days ago involved going to The Mound Museum in Moundsville for a book signing. You can see some video of that HERE, and you’ll be getting a review of that book sometime in the next week or so. Mel and I had never been […]

Opening Day For Startling Lineup

Just a couple of months ago I told you about a Kickstarter campaign for a fun set of trading cards from artist, Robert Jiminez.  Earlier this week Startling Lineup landed in my mailbox, and you can now order this cool set of card directly from Jiminez at his webstore. Startling Lineup is a 36 card baseball […]

Startling Lineup Cards On Kickstarter

We have a cool new Kickstarter Project from Robert Jiminez to tell you about today. Last summer I told you about his latest Fearsome Weirdos trading card set, and now he’s taking his monstrous talents into the world of sports with Startling Lineup Trading Cards. Startling Lineup is a 36 card baseball player parody set […]

Monster Cards and Fake Chick Tracts

The PopCulteer July 30, 2021 Your PopCulteer is on his way to the Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo (read about it HERE), so this is going to be a short column this week. However, it’s going to turn you on to two very cool Kickstarter projects, so don’t skip over it. Best of all, both […]

Final Faction At Dollar Tree

The PopCult Toybox In the bizarre clustermess that was the year of our lord, 2020, I have to admit, “Dollar Tree releases an exclusive,  original, high-quality collectible action figure line” was not on my Bingo card. Because of the pandemic and your PopCulteer’s seriously-curtailed toy hunting activities, I didn’t even know about this line until […]

Gift Guide: The Work Of Three Artists

This next pick in The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide is two-thirds a flashback pick, but since Monday is art day, I wanted to plug the work of two old friends, and one new one. Their work, available as prints, books, jewelry, original art, trading cards and more, makes a great gift for anybody who likes […]

Monday Morning Art: Amish Alpaca

  It’s late on a Sunday evening, and I didn’t have any candidates for Monday Morning Art that I’m really happy with, so I sat down and knocked out a quick digital painting of an Alpaca.On our recent trip through Pennsylvania we noticed that there were a few Alpaca on the Amish Farm in Lancaster, […]

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