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RFC Video Week: Day Five, Fanatomy

“I Hate Your God” is not the title of Mitt Romney’s big speech from Thursday.  It’s the following video:

 This video has been removed. It has come to our attention that the artist, Michael Baldwin, also known as Murdok Hyde and Fanatomy among other aliases, may have plagarized all or parts of this song from another artist. Until the matter is resolved, this video will not be available for public viewing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We shot this video in Huntington last January for episode 14 of Radio Free Charleston.  Fanatomy was, at the time, a one-man-band consisting of Mike Baldwin, who wrote the song. 

The video was directed by me, with help from Melanie Larch.  It was a quick shoot.  Since we made this video, Mike has left several towns.

It was a blast working on this video.  It was a style of music near and dear to my heart, but one that we hadn’t featured on the show.  It was also our first intentionally lip-synched video.  I’d gone that route with “Guitar Pick In My Kool Aid” by The Concept, but that was a decision forced on us by the failure of a hard drive.

“I Hate Your God” was planned as a lip-synch video from the beginning.  We shot in a pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks in Huntington, and laid on tons of effects in post-production.

{2021 update: Fanatomy never responded to inquiries about the true authorship of the song, and therefore it has been erased from the RFC archives. It’s a shame because the video was so much better than the music.}


  1. Van Martin

    “Capital Whore?”

    I prefer my whores to be lower-cased

  2. iPhoney

    Hi this video is amazing.

  3. Murdok Hyde

    Wonderful Rudy. Thank you for the Plug. So when is my favorite Director going to be featured as a guest on MY show? Ha Ha

    If it wasnt for you I wouldnt have continued my music, And I certainly would not have started into the Video aspect of life. Thank you for all the help, And I am VERY excited about working with you in the future (Maybe one day we can work together with some BIG budget company supporting us and then we can make things explode and shit like that) Ha Ha

    Murdok Hyde

    AKA Michael Baldwin

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