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IWA Returns Wednesday Night

IWA East Coast returns to the South Charleston Community Center tomorrow night with “The Evil That Men Do”, a bit of midsummer wrestling with a Shakespearian bent. The big news is the IWA EC debut of “The King Of Old School,” Steve Corino. Corino’s coming to town to take on Ironton’s Trik Nasty, and IWA EC favorite.

For bloody spectacle, IWA is serving up three matches, each promising to be more brutal than the previous one. First up, the intense Bull Pain will be taking on Brain Damage. At the last IWA EC show Brain Damage competed in a “Cheese Grater on a pole” match. Bull Pain was last seen at an IWA EC show painting the walls with Ian Rotten’s blood. To top the Bull Pain/Brain Damage match, J.C. Bailey and Toby “Mr. Insanity” Klein will face off in a match to see who can staple the most dollar bills to the other’s body.

But even that match pales in comparison to the main event. “Baka Gaijen.” the team of Mad Man Pondo and 2 Tuff Tony, will seek revenge against the Hane Brothers in West Virginia’s first 200 Light Tube Death Match! 200 fluorescent light tubes will be inside the ring. Mayhem will ensue. This will be one of the most memorable matches in IWA East Coast history, so fans of extreme violence will want to be there. Eye protection and closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Also on the card: Indy high-flyer Ricochet takes on Ashland’s Juggulator. “Omega” Aaron Draven faces Chuck Taylor. We’ll also get to see Tracy Smothers, Warpig and Dr. Max Graves, Crowza and Woody Numbers. Plus, as usual, we can expect a few surprises.

If you go: The show takes place on August 2. Bell time is 7:00 PM at the South Charleston Community Center, 601 Jefferson Road, in South Charleston. Tickets are $15 for ringside, and $10 for general admission.


  1. mega mass homicide

    Nothin’ like a little mayhem on hump day! Especially with “The King of Old School”, Tracy Smothers, and 200 light tubes gettin’ pulverized to smithereens!

  2. ScottyJ

    Wives will leave husbands, and girlfriends will leave boyfriends with Tracy Smothers in town.

    Don’t you DARE say, “Tracy sucks, Tracy sucks!”, or he’s gonna kill everybody!!–>

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