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Cool Comics: Semi Vacation

Production on our ambitious 125th episode of Radio Free Charleston has been so intense that we decided not to write an elaborate Cool Comics post this week.

However, we won’t leave you hanging.  We’re going to send you to, where you can find a whole bunch of free webcomics like “Boidtawkin'” and “Grimdotcom.” Enjoy!

RFC 125, with Mother Nang, Pepper Fandango and Adrian DeQuiros, plus wholesome animation and Kitty Killton will go online Friday, with a special PopCulteer devoted entirely to the elaborate production notes for “Robot Bhudda Shirt,” our most expensive episode to date!

Sunday Evening Videos: Revisiting Open Mic Nights

We are going to delay episode 125 of Radio Free Charleston from Monday to Friday this week, for reasons that will become obvious to astute viewers.  So that our local music fans don’t feel neglected, tonight we’re bringing you clips of several local bands performing live. We’re going to kick things off with a reprise of two clips that we just debuted last Friday, after recording them the night before at The Pour House in Dunbar.

Above you see Sierra Ferrel with friends Mo and HoboClay, having a blast at the jam session.  After the jump you’ll see Johnny “Hurricane” Compton, the host of The Pour House Thursday night acoustic jam, plus several other clips of live music from area venues.

Continue reading

Washington DC and Acoustic Jams

The PopCulteer
March 25, 2011

It’s another photo-heavy edition of The PopCulteer this week, as your PopCulteer uses the visual medium to relate his trip to Washington DC last weekend. Also, we bring you some video from one of the area’s newest weekly jam sessions…with a caveat.

Last weekend Melanie Larch are I made the trek to our nation’s capitol to see The Steppenwolf Theater production of “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf” at Arena Stage.

It was a spectacular production, staring Tony-nominated Amy Morton and Tony and Pulitzer winner Tracy Letts. We had a blast, and it was my first time in DC, so the whole experience was new to me.

What follows is the photographic travelogue. Enjoy!

PS: Some of the details in the captions might be a bit fuzzy. This week’s PopCulteer is being written under the influence of allergy meds after some unexpected exposure to tobacco Thursday night. Continue reading

Cool Webcomics: Dick Tracy and Battlepug

We’re doing a short column this week, shining the spotlight on two comics that are available for free on the internet. One is a long-running newspaper strip, revitalized with a new creative team, the other a brand-new web-only comic that’s sure to appeal to dog-lovers everywhere.

Dick Tracy

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of Dick Tracy. I’ve been plugging the excellent IDW reprints of the classic Chester Gould strips for years here in PopCult. A couple of months ago I brought you news of a new creative team taking over the strip, Joe Staton and Mike Curtis. Joe and Mike made their official debut just last week. Continue reading

RFC 124 Stars Slate Dump, Electro Biscuit, Red Audio and Frank Panucci

At the head of this post you see the 124th installment of Radio Free Charleston. “Double Trouble Shirt” is named after a King Kerosin shirt from The Salvage Yard in the Charleston Town Center, and features music from Slate Dump, Electro Biscuit and Red Audio.

We have a double dose of RFC Big Shot, Frank Panucci, with a previously unseen compilation of public domain footage and a classic bit of computer animation.

Host segments were shot on a very windy day on and around the Mound in South Charleston. Continue reading

Monday Morning Arts From Dr. Sketchy’s

Last night Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Party invaded Charleston with their first full-fledged event at The Empty Glass.  As wild music was provided by David Synn and The Elvis Presley Murder Files, Pepper Fandango and Conway Titty modeled for a room full of cutting-edge artists.

Pepper Fandango, of course, hosts the Open Mic nights at The Empty Glass on many Monday nights (like tonight) and will appear in a bathtub on RFC 125. The next Dr. Sketchy event at The Empty Glass will be April 17, starting at 6:30 PM.

My sketching ability was hampered quite a bit because I’d driven for eight hours from Washington DC right before the event, but there are no restrictions on what medium the artists at a Dr. Sketchy event are allowed to use, so my weapon of choice was the digitally-assaulted photograph!

Above you see Pepper Fandango, done up in a colored sketch manner. Below you see Conway Titty in Gothic Oils. Click the images to see them bigger.

ArtWalk Returns!

The PopCulteer
March 18, 2011

The first ArtWalk of 2011 is in the books, and it was a lovely night, filled with old friends, new galleries and a sense that the damnable winter is finally behind us.

After being cooped up all winter long it was great to have fantastic weather for Charleston’s Art-filled Walking Tour.

As is tradition with The PopCulteer, we turn over our entire big Friday columnish post to a photo essay. Commentary is at a minimum, but since each picture is worth a thousand words, this week’s PopCulteer is practically a novella.

So put on your comfortable virtual walking shoes, we’re going on an ArtWalk! Continue reading

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