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Part Seven of RFC Does FestivALL 2011

“Anything can happen day” on Radio Free Charleston includes music from Holy Cow, The Boatmen and Miss Behavin’; with wrestling from XMCW and a Swoard Dance by Jenna Brooke Swanson. This part seven of our everlasting gobstopper of a series of shows devoted to FestivALL 2011.

Tomorrow we wrap up our FestivALL coverage…or do we?

Dreaming Of Saint Stephen, Texting and Sasha Colette on RFC 138

"Helio McFadden" in the Space Opera

FestivALL may be over in the streets of Charleston, but it still lives on here in the PopCult blog.  Today we’re going to revisit “Saint Stephen’s Dream: A Space Opera,” which was staged by at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation last weekend.

We bring you a bit of the beginning of Douglas Imbrogno’s magnum opus, and we mix in Austin Susman’s entry in the Silent Film Competition.  The show wraps up with Kentucky chanteuse Sasha Colette, performing in Davis Park, just two days ago.

Sasha Colette in Davis Park

For more on “Saint Stephen’s Dream,” visit WestVirginiaVille and their Saint Stephen’s section. You can keep up with Austin Susman Productions on his Facebook page.  Sasha Colette can be found on the web, and at Haddad Riverfront Park this coming Saturday Afternoon.

Our daily apology goes to Sasha, for misspeling her last name in the credits for the show.

Tomorrow is “Anything Can Happen Day,” which means I haven’t decided what’s going to be in the show yet.


Austin Susman"s "With A Text" projected from the Ratrie Green Space

Day Five Of FestivALL 2011 On RFC

Trillium Performance Arts Collective (photo by Lee Harrah)

We are driving into the second week of Radio Free Charleston’s ridiculously extensive coverage of FestivALL 2011. The clip you see up there is Radio Free Charleston 137, Part Five of our FestivALL 2011 coverage. Today’s show takes music recorded at the Derick Kirk Memorial Concert last Wednesday and combines it with dance recorded all over town during FestivALL.
Our music performed live at Capitol Roasters is provided by the Velvet Nomads, Comparsa, and The Voodoo Katz.

Professor Danger (photo by Lee Harrah)

Our featured dancers include the Capitol High School Dance Company, Mandy Petry, Brian Roller, Kevin Pauley, and Jeff Bukovinsky of the No Pants Players, Jenna Brooke Swanson and Raqs Shakti, Professor Danger, Kathleen Coffee, the Trillium Performance Art Company, and That Guy In Davis Park. Apologies go out to the Capitol High Dance Company for getting their name wrong in the show.  We will correct that later in the week when they return.
This whole show was a lot of fun to edit, so you might see another dance montage later in the week. In the coming days, you will see episodes of Radio Free Charleston loaded with footage from “Saint Stephen’s Dream: A Space Opera,” the after-hours cafe’, the Silent Film Competition, the 72 Hour Film Challenge, the Capitol Street Art Fair, the Hale Street Antique Fair, XMCW’s LuchaFest, plus music from Sasha Collette, WATT4, Kathleen Coffee, Miss Behavin, and stuff we can’t remember at the moment.

Monday Morning Art: Sword Dance

We interrupt our non-stop coverage of FestivALL 2011 to bring you some art, inspired by FestivALL 2011! Above you see a digital painting of the lovely Jenna Brooke Swanson, performing a sword dance on Capitol Street Sunday afternoon. You’ll see a bit of her bellydancing troupe, Raqs Shakti, on Radio Free Charleston 137, which should go online sometime Monday. This show, part five of our FestivALL coverage, will take music from last week’s benefit show for The Derick Kirk Foundation, and combine it with dance from all over Charleston during FestivALL.

Jenna’s sword dance will be seen in full later this week, as we continue to crank out shows faster than anyone has a chance to see them. As for the image above, click it to see it bigger.

“Easier Than The Truth” Plus ArtWalk and FestivALL 2011 on RFC

The PopCulteer
June 24, 2011

Special Note: Your PopCulteer has overdone it a bit this week. Editing and posting four episodes of Radio Free Charleston devoted to FestivALL, plus attending events these past two evenings, has left yours truly truly spent. So please forgive the meagerness of this week’s regular Friday dose of coolness. While we will have a small photo essay devoted to ArtWalk today, rest assured that a longer version will run in this space next week.

“Easier” The Hard Way

We took in opening night of Dan Kehde’s new drama last night, and it was an incredible night of theater. “Easier Than The Truth” is not the typical light theatrical fare that we usually find during FestivALL. This intense drama about a dysfunctional family dealing with the death of their younger son is a gritty, realistic, even harsh, drama, delivered by yet another in what is becoming a line of Contemporary Youth Arts Company dream casts.

Continue reading

Four Days Of FestivALL From RFC

Part four of Radio Free Charleston’s FestivALL 2011 coverage comibnes The East End Main Street Streetworks Art Auction with The Music Works/ Songwriter Invitational. You’ll see plenty of the Streetworks brick art, plus MC Ted Brightwell, along with music from Sierra Ferrell, Don Baker, John Radcliff and John Lilly.

Three Shows In Three Days. RFC Does FestivALL

Today’s special FestivALL 2011 episode of Radio Free Charleston features music from The Kingfish Five, Joseph Hale, 600 lbs of SIn and Uncle Eddy and Robyn. There are also scenes from Sunday Funday at The Clay Center and Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art Show.

We’re going to do one more of these this week, then return Monday with even more FestivALL madness!

Day Two of Radio Free FestivALL

Above you see our second episode of Radio Free Charleston’s FestivALL 2011 coverage.  Though delayed by a storm, we are still attempting to go daily.  This episode of RFC shines a spotlight on FestivALL’s theatrical offerings, with clips from “St. Stephen’s Dream,” CYAC’s “Easier Than The Truth,” The No Pants Players and CLOG’s “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”  We also have music from WATT 4 and Bare Bones.

Check back Wednesday for yet another episode of RFC, with scenes from Sunday Funday at The Clay Center, plus music from The Kingfish Five and 600 Lbs of Sin and more!

Radio Free Charleston Covers FestivALL Part One

At the top of this post you see Radio Free Charleston number 133, the first of our shows devoted to FestivALL 2011. We don’t know how many episodes we will devote to FestivALL this year. Last year, we did six episodes during FestivALL, with an additional episode of leftover material in September. We also don’t know how fast and furious these will come at you, so you’ll want to check PopCult every five or ten minutes for the next two weeks.

This episode includes footage of the FestivALL Art Parade. This is just a fraction of the parade footage we have. Don’t fret, you’ll be seeing much more of the parade in the coming days.

The Boatmen, Live On The Levee

Our featured performers are The Boatmen, recorded Live On The Levee, the Charleston Light Opera Guild, recorded at the Charleston Civic Center Little Theater, and two great performances from the Songwriter Invitational at Capitol Roasters by Todd Burge and Andy Park. Todd and Andy were the masterminds of this event and you will be seeing much more from it during our FestivALL coverage.

Todd Burge, from

It’s not too late to catch “Thoroughly Modern Millie” from the Charleston Light Opera Guild. You have three more chances to see it this coming weekend. Live On The Levee is back Friday night at Haddad Riverfront Park, with Bob Thompson and The Voodoo Katz. You can also see The Voodoo Katz and Bob Thompson at Capitol Roasters Wednesday night at the Derick Kirk Memorial Show, beginning at 6:00 PM. They will be joined by Comparsa, The Velvet Gypsies, Central Standard Time, and Steve Himes.

The Songwriter Invitational was a collaboration between and AFM 136.

We’re keeping the production notes short for our FestivALL shows because we are editing like a demon from Heck. Our next episode will feature clips of some of FestivALL’s theatrical attractions, as well as music from WATT 4.

Monday Morning Art: Dr. Sketchy Does FestivALL

Among the onslaught of cool events during the opening weekend of FestivALL was Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art show. The above digital painting is the fresh result of Sunday night’s artistic noodling.  You might see more later this week. Click to see a larger version.

And check back at PopCult all week for special FestivAll episodes of Radio Free Charleston, featuring music, film, theater, art and all sorts of cool stuff from all over Charleston.  You may even see RFC go daily during this insanity.

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