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Production Notes, RFC 23: The Feast Of Stephen

Episode 23 of Radio Free Charleston, The Feast Of Stephen Reunion Show, is online now!  This is a document of one truly amazing night of musical magic at LiveMix Studio.  On May 12, members of a band that hadn’t played together in fourteen years gathered at LiveMix to kick out the jams one more time. Radio Free Charleston was on hand, and here’s the story behind the music.

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PopCult Weekend

As sort of a new feature here in PopCult, I thought it’d be fun to recap my weekend, since I’m trying to take in as many events that I plug here in the blog as I can.   I’ll be taking more of a “personal journal” approach to what will probably become a weekly PopCult feature, so I hope you guys are ready to wade knee-deep through the self-indulgent pretentiousness.  This weekend was filled with music, The Simpsons, calimari, Batmobiles, and the sweet smell of band reunited. I also discovered the most amazing thing, possibly the smartest marketing move that a restaurant ever made in downtown Charleston, Bellacino’s is now open until 5 AM on Friday and Saturday nights!  The last weekend of July rocked! Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: UFOs On Capitol Street

One of the most endearing sights around Charleston is the mysterious multi-colored UFO balls that occasionally float over Capitol Street around the Lee Street Triangle.  The other day I was lucky enough to catch them on film. 

As always, click the photo for a larger view. And go here for the Monday Morning Art Store, and here for the PopCult store

Comic Con Wrap-up

Comic books, movies, toys and all things that make the nerdy little boys sigh were all in abundance at the big Comic Con this weekend.  Among the coolness were things like Hasbro’s upcoming 12″ Indiana Jones action figure (right) and buttloads of movie trailers for upcoming film epics.  Loads more news came out of the International Comic Con in San Diego this week, and you can follow the links after the jump to catch up on all the hottest news from the world of pop culture. Continue reading

Weekend Musical Notes

Lots of friends of RFC are playing around town this weekend.  We’re going to take a quick look at some of the more notable shows in and around Charleston this weekend.  Despite the best efforts of Suddenlink to delay this post, here’s a rundown of all of the coolness music-wise in the area for the weekend of July 27-29:

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Comic-Con News: “Heroes” Collected

USA Today is reporting that DC/Wildstormhas scored the comic book/graphic novel rights to the hit NBC series, “Heroes.”  DC will offer a hardcover collection of the online Heroes comic strips which will also feature artwork done for the series by Tim Sale, and new cover artwork by Jim Lee and Alex Ross. 

An ongoing series is penciled in for next year, pending final contract negotiations.  We’ll have more news from San Diego’s Comic-con International all week long, here in PopCult.

Cool Thing: Sean Richardson Tours Charleston

NOTE: Hear Sean Richardson interviewed and some of his recent tunes on this week’s gazz local music podcast, ‘SoundCheck.’

Sean Richardson, former member of The Sleeping Dons and Strawfyssh, a veteran of both the radio and video versions of Radio Free Charleston, all-around cool guy and nearly universally acclaimed filmmaker will be doing a mini-tour of Charleston’s hipper musical venues over the next few weeks. Music lovers will be able to hear Sean and his friends, who include members of The Carpenter Ants, Whistlepunk 2.0, The VooDoo Katz, and other area powerhouses, performing at the following locations, some for free, some with an admission charge:

July 26th (TONIGHT) The Empty Glass 10 p.m. Cover

July 27th (Friday) Taylor Books 7:30 p.m. FREE

July 28th Blues BBQ 9:00 p.m. FREE

Aug. 18th BlueGrassKitchen 6 p.m. FREE

Aug. 22nd Lola’s Pizza 6 p.m. FREE

Aug. 25th Capitol Roaster’s 8 p.m. FREE

Aug. 30th Sam’s Uptown 10 p.m. Cover

Aug. 31st Taylor Books 7:30 p.m. FREE

One of the coolest thing about this tour around the city by Sean is that many of the establishments are SMOKE FREE! That means that you can go out and hear some of the most innovative music being made in Charleston without breathing in some addict’s second-hand smoke.

In addition, the PopCult and Radio Free Charleston crew is trying to organize a cultural event Friday night. We’re trying to get as many people as possible to go hear Sean perform at Taylor Books. Then we’re going to grab a late dinner and catch the Simpsons Movie at the five-dollar midnight showing at Great Escape Theater in Nitro. It’ll be a night of ultra-mega-coolness!

We’d planned to see the Simpsons Movie at Park Place, but their last showing of the day is half an hour before Sean wraps up. Why is it that downtown Charleston seems to keep Mayberry hours?

Samoa Joe Manchin

I’m a doting Uncle.  When I see a cool toy for my niece or nephews, I pick it up and wait until just the right moment to spring it on them so I can cement my status as “Coolest Uncle In The World.”  Recently, I picked up a plush talking figure of TNA Wrestling’s Samoa Joe, “The Samoan Submission Machine.”  It’s one of those stuffed figures that talks when you punch it.  I haven’t doled this one out to the kids yet, and the other day when I was looking at it sitting there in my living room, it hit me….this toy grappler didn’t really look much like Samoa Joe, but it bore what I consider to be an uncanny resemblance to our Governor, Joe Manchin.  See for yourself…..


….now, I don’t know if this means that we should start calling the Governor “The Marion County Submission Machine,” or if maybe Samoa Joe will hit the six-sided ring in TNA and declare it “Open For Business.”  I do know that I found it a tad amusing.  I immediatley thought that maybe the next time the legislature’s in town we can get a crowd of people to chant, “Joe’s gonna kill you!”  Of course, I was on cough medicine at the time.

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