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RFC 121 with Beaver Knievel, Dennis Hopper’s Army, Robot Commando and The Mugger!

Episode 121 of Radio Free Charleston, “Thrilling Detective Shirt,” is online now, right at the top of this post. This installment of RFC features a double-dose of Beaver Knievel, a quick blast of folk/punk stomp from Dennis Hopper’s Army, plus vintage animation from Frank Panucci and a visit from Robot Commando.

Host segments were shot at Haddad Riverfront Park, and the show’s title shirt comes to us courtesy of Retro A Go Go. Soon you should be able to find their cool shirts and other items at The Salvage Yard in The Charleston Town Center.

Before we jump into the show proper, just know this: Robot Commando wants to help you. He really does.

Opening and closing the show, musically, this time is Beaver Knievel. You heard them last week running through the song “Get Loose” during a soundcheck. This week you get to hear them tear up the whole song. They also kick in with “I’m You’re Man.” Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: Dancing Girl

Today’s art is a digital painting.  It’s a simple exercise in semi-abstract composition, fed through a bunch of filters that make it seem like it took more time that it did to finish. You can click the image to see it bigger.

Check back at PopCult today at 4 PM, as Radio Free Charleston 121, with music from Beaver Knievel and Dennis Hopper’s Army, plus animation from Frank Panucci and more mind-hurting weirdness goes live, complete with production notes and everything!

Dave, RFC, The Rock, Dethklok, Super Heroes, Live Music, Zombies and More!

The PopCulteer
February 25, 2011

Due to your PopCulteer being a bit under the weather, this week’s column is a mere ten random items, sporked out of the industrial-size can of blog fixin’s for your semi-enjoyment.

Remembering Dave

The big thing for everyone to remember this weekend is The David Russell Memorial Fundraiser show at The Empty Glass Friday night. I devoted RFC 120 to Dave and this show, and you can watch it right here…

RFC 120 "Zombie Babies Shirt" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

The music will kick off at 5:30 PM, and run all night long. Seven dollars gets you in the door. The line up of bands includes Dugan Carter, Spurgie Hankins Band, Duo Divertido, Quiet, The Buttonflies, 600 lbs. of Sin, The Scrap Iron Pickers with special guest drummer Chris Russell, and Diablo Blues Band. These bands are donating their time to play and ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE DOOR WILL BENEFIT THE DAVID RUSSELL MEMORIAL FUND. Read more about it in the production notes for RFC 120. Continue reading

Cool Comics: “Reid Fleming World’s Toughest Milkman”

David Boswell’s “Reid Fleming World’s Toughest Milkman” was one of the last great “underground” comics, even though its publishing history sometimes sees it lumped in with the 1980s black-and-white comics boom.

This strip began life in the Vancouver underground newspaper, “The Georgia Straight,” in 1978, and it tells the adventures of a hard-drinking, anti-social, ultra violent Milkman, Reid Fleming, who don’t take no crap from nobody.

IDW has collected the first decade or so of Reid Fleming’s adventures in one handy hardcover volume, and it’s not only a long-overdue collection of one of the best indie comics of the 1980s, but it also shows off the evolution of writer/artist David Boswell as a storyteller.

Continue reading

RFC 120 Remembers Dave Russell

Radio Free Charelston 120, “Zombie Babies Shirt” is online now, and posted right above this text. This show is designed to promote Friday’s benefit show for Dave Russell at The Empty Glass.

We feature music from The ButtonFlies, Sierra Ferrell and The Diablo Blues Band, all of whom will be performing Friday. We also have a trailer for “Porkchop,” the Eamon Hardiman-directed movie on which Dave worked as cinematographer.  As an added bonus we have a look at the soundcheck version of “Get Loose” by Beaver Knievel.  Next week we’ll have the full-blown song, plus an additional Beaver Knievel tune.

Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: Spiral Girl

This week’s art is another exercise in contrast and composition.  It’s called “Spiral Girl.”  You can see it larger by clicking the image.

Later this evening, Radio Free Charleston 120 will be posted here in PopCult. This episode features performers from this coming Friday’s David Russell Memorial show at The Empty Glass.  You’ll get to see The ButtonFlies, Sierra Ferrell (from 600 lbs Of Sin) and The Diablo Blues Band.  You will also get to see a trailer for “Porkchop,” a movie for which David was the Director of Photography.  A teaser for next week’s show, featuring Beaver Knievel, wraps up the show.

Sasha Colette, CYAC, Ryan Hardiman and Lovey-Dovey DEVO Hats Fill Up RFC 119

Radio Free Charleston returns, as seen above, with episode 119, “Transformer Shirt.” This episode features the RFC debut of Sasha Colette, a song from “Norman Rockwell’s An American Love Story,” a special surprise song from Symphony Idol winner Ryan Hardiman and DEVO/Valentine’s animation by Frank Panucci.

Our first musical guest is Sasha Colette, a musician we’ve wanted on RFC for years. Thanks to Adam Harris and LiveMix Studio, we’re finally able to bring her music to you. “Leave It Alone” is the title track from Sasha’s new CD, and it’s a little bittersweet that this performance was recorded at LiveMix Studio, our longtime production partner. LiveMix was shut down by evildoers last year, just a few weeks after Sasha performed a concert with John Lilly and Jonathan Wood. Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: Contrast

Today’s Monday Morning Art is called “Contrast” and is an exercise in exactly that. It’s a digital drawing. Click the image to see a bigger version.

Radio Free Charleston 119, with music from Sasha Colette, Ryan Hardiman and the CYAC production “Norman Rockwell’s An American Love Story” plus animation from Frank Panucci. See it now. Production notes will be posted tonight right here in PopCult. Fans of the RFC Facebook page can see the show now.

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