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Monday Morning Art: Mirthquake

This devestating scene of destruction is a digitally-assaulted photo of….the Huntington Mall undergoing renovations. It’s the floor that was ripped up in front of Gamestop a few weeks ago. I messed with it a bit. Click to stare at a bigger version for hours on end until you see the pirate ship and the bumble bee.

It’s A Madhouse!

The PopCulteer
August 26, 2011

Cool Comics

Cool Comics returns to The PopCulteer this week as we look at the latest really nifty historical collection assembled by Craig Yoe, “Archie’s Madhouse.” This book is a real nostalgic treat for me because, as a very young kid, this comic book, one of many sort-of-imitators of “Mad Magazine” was one of the comics that would entertain and confound me to no end.

See, back in those days it was hard to keep up with comic books. There were no comic book stores, we had to seek out our books at newsstands, drug stores, grocery stores, any place that might carry a magazine usually had a comic book rack, but you couldn’t find all the comic books from the various publishers in a single place. Finding consecutive issues of a comic was nearly impossible, especially if you were under six years old.

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Monday Morning Art: Plan 9 From Dr. Sketchy’s

Last night, Dr. Sketchy’s Charleston held their latest event, a tribute to the Ed Wood classic, “Plan 9 From Outer Space.”  Shelia Jordan brought Vampira back to life, and Chase Henderson stood in as a Detective and Bela Lugosi’s chiropractor. Above you see a high-contrast title card for the night. Below you see a digital painting of Sheila posing with a Gargoyle (on loan from Magic Makers) and below that another digital painting of a Vampire showdown.  Click the images to see them larger.

Frenchy and the Punk, Lippizzaner Stallions and DEVO Hats Highlight RFC 143

At the head of this post you will find the one-hundred forty-third installment of Radio Free Charleston, “Naked Gumby Shirt.”  This episode departs from our usual formula by featuring three songs by the same band, Frenchy and the Punk.  We also have animation by Frank Panucci, and a short film by K.D. Lett.

Frenchy and the Punk, who used to go by the name, “The Gypsy Nomads,” returned to The Empty Glass a couple of weeks ago for their third visit (the first with the new name). We were on hand with our cameras, and the band was on fire, so we ended up recording over half an hour of their music. Since we had so much fresh music from the band I decided to devote the entire episode to them this time. This is something I’m thinking about doing more often, so why don’t you use the comments section below to let me know what you think of the idea? Continue reading

Metal In Charleston, Cartoons From Charleston, ArtWalking Through Charleston, And Tons Of Other Items All Crammed Into One Long Blog Post

The PopCulteer
August 19, 2011

Random Acts Of PopCult

It’s been a while since we took the PopCult blunderbuss off the wall and fired wildly into the crowd. In the spirit of the 7 11 Machine Gunner, we’re going to fire this week’s PopCulteer in as many directions as possible–probably without hitting anything!

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

September 9 and 10 a new Heavy Metal Showcase debuts in the Capitol City.  Mission Coalition 2011 is a two-day celebration of all things metal, to be held at The Sound Factory, on Kanawha Boulevard in Charleston. Continue reading

Steely Dang It, Let’s Just Hang It!

The PopCulteer
August 12, 2011

“Hey 50”

I don’t hate Steely Dan.

I think they’re fine musicians who make well-crafted music with clever lyrics. And I think they put on a show at the Clay Center Tuesday night that should have pleased their loyal fans. I do not wish the members of the band any ill will.

I just hate their music.

I don’t really understand why I hate their music. It’s intelligent, witty and very well played, and it contains many individual elements that I normally find quite appealing.

Perhaps it’s some sort of Pavlovian response that makes me hate their music. Their formula harmonies kick in and I get a little gag reflex. I associate their music with the morning drive to high school. Except for my brief disastrous marriage, my high school years were the most miserable period of my life. Music that transports me back to that time is basically transporting me back to hell. Continue reading

InFormation, The Renfields and CLOG Rock RFC 142

Positioned strategically at the head of this post, you should see the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston. Our 142nd installment is called “It’s Just A Flesh Wound Shirt.” Our music this week is by InFormation, The Renfields, and the Charleston Light Opera Guild cast of “Hairspray”. In addition, this episode features a quick look at Dan Kehde’s new play “Cupid Falling/Cupid Rising,” a short film by K.D. Lett, and new animation by Frank Panucci.

Host segments were shot in downtown Charleston Monday afternoon during lunch, which is why we ended up at Slyce Pizza Company.

This is our first show back after our month long summer hiatus and we were sort of hoping that the heat would have ended by now. It didn’t. Our title shirt this episode is a mash-up of the classic electric board game “Operation” with “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” It’s designed by John Sprengelmeyer, who is better known in graphic design circles as Captain RibMan.

We got the shirt from our friends at Tee, but the design is available from a few other online sources as well. Continue reading

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