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Cool Rabbit Suit Stunt Of The Week

I tend not to write much about the Regatta here in PopCult because, well……
I’ve sort of got this history with the Regatta. But I may venture out to a couple of Regatta events this year, if the rain doesn’t wipe out this dinosaur of a festival. One of those will be the funeral parade. Kevin Pauley, of No Pants Players, IWA East Coast, Kanawha Players and American Heart Association fame, sends word that Kanawha Players will be participating in the parade in a special way this year. They’re going to promote their upcoming production of the classic play, “Harvey,” about a man and his imaginary pal, a six-foot rabbit.According to Kevin: “We will have two of our volunteers dressed up as white rabbits and about 10 volunteers wearing shirts that read “Have you met my friend, Harvey?” to help promote the October production of “Harvey.” They’ll be tossing out Mardi Gras beads and flyers for the show offering “buy one, get one free” admissions!”

So there you have your heads up, people. Go to the funeral parade, look for the giant rabbits, and then get a flyer from one of the attendant rabbit-groupies. You can get two tickets to see a great local production of a classic play for the price of one! Plus, there will be beads!

If you can’t make it out to the funeral parade, you can find a copy of the flyer, with the two-for-one discount, exclusively for PopCult readers by following the jump….

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Cool Link Of The Week

Last year Mark Evanier linked to my post about the dire straits into which Radio Shack–once the mecca for electronic geeks–had fallen.  I mainly wrote about how customer service had deteriorated to the point where most of their workers probably had trouble spelling their names, let alone helping you find the proper gauge of speaker wire. 

Evidently that struck a chord.  For most of last year, if you Googled “Radio Shack” my name, thanks to Mark’s link, came up five times in the top ten.  It was my fifteen megabytes of fame on the web. Other stories about Radio Shack’s sinking fortunes have bounced me down several pages now, but Mark may soon be propelled back into Radio Shack infamy by association. 

He’s uncovered a new reason not to ever shop at Radio Shack–this one with sinister overtones.  Check it out here.  And while you’re there, surf the rest of Mark’s site. It’s one of my everyday stops on the net.

Midweek PopCulting In Review

I have a lot to catch up with, as PopCult has been distracted over the last few days with preparations for future episodes of Radio Free Charleston. With so much going on, I’m going to write one big long post with all the details about Saturday’s great local music, so you, my loyal readers, can wallow in the midweek glory that really should have been written a few days ago.

First, up, I want to remind everyone who has a MySpace page that Radio Free Charleston has a presence there as well. Feel free to add us as a friend. You’ll have access to news about upcoming shows before anyone else does, and you’ll get to read exclusive production notes that are too “hot” and have too many mis-spellings and grammatical errors to be published here.

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Monday Morning Animation

Instead of dull, static, lifeless Monday Morning Art this week, we’re kicking things off with an animated take on some of the digitally-assaulted images that have appeared here in PopCult before.  This is my first animation done for public consumption for more than twenty years.  Actually, it wasn’t really meant for public consumption.  It’s the result of my very first try at playing around with animation on the computer, period.  This was done in less than an hour.  I’m gearing up for some more ambitious projects that will be part of future episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  I wrote the music, too. Sorry about that.

 [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Saturday Free Music For The Masses!

There’s free-musical coolness afoot on Saturday.  Summerfest in South Charleston features free outdoor performances by RFC guests The Concept and Seven Minutes Till Midnight.  The Concept takes the Stage around 6:30 PM and Seven Minutes Till Midnight goes on an hour later. 

The Concept performed on episodes seven and thirteen of RFC, while Seven Minutes Till Midnight were just on episode twenty foura couple of weeks ago. You can read about them in the Gazz this week, too.

There’s more than music at Summerfest.  There will be motorcycles, food, mighty giants striding the Earth like the Titans of yore, beauty pageants, funnelcakes and Elvis impersonators.  And get this, they’re going to hold a KNOT-TYING EXHIBITION! I can barely contain myself. 

But we’ll be there for the music.  And then we’re heading uptown for more music. 

Sean Richardson and Friends will appear at Capitol Roasters starting at 8:30 PM.  Radio Free Charleston viewers will remember Sean as part of The Sleeping Dons on episodes two and tenof RFC, and as one of the masterminds behind the Oskar*-winning short, “Unicorns Are Real” which aired on episode twenty-oneof RFC.  Among Sean’s “Friends expected to perform are Karen Allen of Whistlepunk, Jerry Fugate (camera two from The Feast Of Stephen Reunion Show), Deron Sodaro bassist extraordanaire for half the bands in town, Mark Davis on drums, plus an array of other guests on a variety of instruments.  There is no cover, and if you get there early you might be able to grab one of the comfy couches at Roasters. 

Oh, and for more information on hot bands playing in the area, be sure to check Nick and Jessica’s Gatecrasher blog, here at

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RFC: “Flaming Skull Shirt” with The Amazing Delores and Much More!

The brand-spanking-new episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Flaming Skull Shirt,” is online for your viewing pleasure now! This episode features a video by the late, legendary darling of Dunbar, The Amazing Delores.  You’ll also get to see a performance by Joe Slack, our first second-generation guest on RFC.  Over the end credits we play one of the most-requested songs from the old radio incarnation of RFC.  We have a very special movie trailer, and animation from Frank Panucci’s movie, “Reperkussionz.”   The host segments were shot at the Charleston Town Center, just two days ago.  Continue reading

Monday Morning…uh..sort of Art

Storm-induced power outages last week caused me to slip behind on Radio Free Charleston, 25th episode.  So, instead of spending time this weekend crafting brand-spanking-new Monday Morning Art, I had to play catch up so that we can bring you the new RFC tomorrow.  In lieu of art, then, you get a series of stills from the new Radio Free Charleston.  Enjoy.

The top photo is a still from the ultra-special top-secret movie trailer that we feature on the new show.  Since it’s still under wraps until the show debuts, I can’t say anything else about it. The studio would sue me into oblivion.

Below that are two shots from Joe Slack’s performance of his song, “Picture Perfect.”  It starts out in black and white and then the color slowly fades in.  It’s arty as heck, really. Joe is our first second-generation musical guest.  His dad, Tony, appeared on several episodes of RFC as a member of The No Pants Players.

Next you’ll find two shots from my brother Frank’s scrap-pile.  These are animation tests for his long-in-production mostly-CGI movie, “Reperkussionz.” These may not even wind up in the finished film.  Just lookit his rejects.  You gotta admire his high standards.

A still of The Amazing Delores is below those.  Even though she’s no longer with us, you will feel the power of the “Love Magic” in the next RFC.  Thanks go out to Danny Boyd and Michael Lipton for making this video available for RFC.

Finally, on the bottom, we have some tubby guy trying to look cool in a parking building.

Internet gremlins are still playing games with our Cafepress stores, so don’t expect to be able to buy this image on a T shirt. You can click the image to enlarge, if you so wish.

Cool Hot Beverage Of The Week: The Almond Steamer

Over the summer I have developed an addiction.  Prolonged exposure to tobacco smoke (One of the many  sacrifices I make for Radio Free Charleston.)  left me with a persistent cough, and I discovered that the only way to get rid of said cough was to drink hot liquids–something that my body is not used to doing.  I don’t drink coffee or tea, and hot chocolate got tired real fast.  Then I decided to try steamed milk. 

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