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Looking Into The Future From The 1970s

The PopCult Bookshelf

Jack Kirby’s OMAC: One Man Army Corps
OMAC-Kirby-tpb_yb1dvjlrgf_by Jack Kirby
introduction by Mark Evanier
DC Comics
ISBN: 978-1-4012-402-4
softcover edition

Jack Kirby, of course, is the legendary creator of Captain America (with Joe Simon), The Fantastic Four, The X Men, Thor, The Avengers and most of Marvel Comics (with Stan Lee) and The New Gods, Kamandi, The Demon, The Eternals and Devil Dinosaur. His work is historic and influential, and is the epitome of what an action-oriented comic book should be.

Which makes examining one of his lesser works so fascinating. On its surface it seems to be a typical science-fiction superhero comic book, loaded with action and explosions and lots of Kirby’s trademark mayhem and monsters. But when you look at it closer, it’s filled with the seeds of a million ideas, amazing storytelling potential, concepts appearing ahead of their time and Kirby’s personal philosophies.

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This Week’s Fresh Video

We have fresh video this week. First it’s the 2013 HallowEast zombie Walk…

…then we have part two of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special…

…and while you’re at it, look at part one…, huh?  The PopCult Bookshelf will be delayed until this evening. Happy Halloween. Scroll down PopCult to find out about some cool stuff to do tonight after you get done with Trick or Treat.

Spooky Stuff To Do

The Renfields at The Boulevard Tavern halloween night with The Big Bad

The Renfields at The Boulevard Tavern halloween night with The Big Bad

Tonight the Rick Perdue Tribe celebrates the birthday of Washboard Dave at The Boulevard Tavern at 9 PM. Meanwhile, Prank Monkey pays birthday homage to Gary Amos at 10 Pm at The Blue Parrot.

Thursday night is Halloween, and there’s plenty of scary stuff for you to get into.

The forty-sixth edition of Third Eye Cabaret welcomes Jim Cohn, Chet Lowther, Alex Good and The Trojan Whores to the stage, hosted by The BrotherSisters. It all kicks off at 8 PM at The Cellar, at 8 Capitol Street.


Mojo’s Comedy Night kicks off at 8:30 PM for a special show packed with some first-time stand-up comics, along with the regulars. Mojo’s is behind the Mound in South Charleston and the show is cover-free.

wotw flyer 002 thumbFresh off of both 2013 Halloween episodes of Radio Free Charleston we have The Renfields and The Big Bad, pulling Halloween night punk pranks at The Boulevard Tavern. There will be costume contests and prizes along with the music and i really wish the Boulevard Tavern would start putting the cover charge on their events pages so I could share them with you.

Don’t forget also, The War of the Worlds 1938 broadcast by Orson Welles will be played at the Clay Center’s Electric Sky Theater for a mere two bucks. That starts at 10:45 PM with a pre-show talk at 10:30.

Captain Action covers Iron Man and Wolverine plus Hawkeye Is Complete

Img_9342bWe are happy this week to bring you a detailed advance look at the two new Captain Action uniform sets featuring Iron Man and Wolverine, plus the now-complete “build-a-costume” Hawkeye set. Iron Man and Wolverine will be available in about two weeks in comic book stores and hobby shops, and can be pre-ordered online.

Img_9334If you haven’t been reading PopCult regularly since 2005, you’ll need to know that Captain Action is a 12″ action figure, originally sold in 1966, who can change into other superheroes through the use of rubber masks and outfits. Originally the good Captain could change into a variety of Marvel and DC characters, along with a handful of comic strip heroes and the like. The line last three or four years during the superhero boom of the 60s, and was revived in 1999, with a faithful reproduction of the figure. With no access to Marvel or DC characters, the revival quickly went South.

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wotw flyer 001 thumb

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles and Mercury Theater’s infamous Halloween night prank radio adaptation of “War of the Worlds” the Clay Center’s Electric Sky Theater will present the 1938 broadcast of the H.G. Wells classic. Halloween night you can sit in the peaceful dark of The Electric Sky Theater and listen closely to a broadcast that was so realistic at the time that it caused genuine panic in some listeners.

Doors open at 10:30 for a pre-show star talk and an open discussion of science, science fiction, and the impact they can have when combined with mass media. War of the Worlds at the Clay Center’s Electric Sky Theater happens Thursday October, 31 2013 from 10:45 PM to Midnight.Admission is $2.00

Halloween 2013 Part Two on RFC 192

Stay Puft

Stay Puft

Above you see part two of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special for 2013. Just like with part one(which you can see here), we recorded this show at Shocka-Con. Our thanks go out once again to Mike and Rose Winland all the Shocka-Con volunteers for helping to make this show possible. If you haven’t seen part one of our show, go here and check it out.

This week you will hear music from The Nanker Phelge, Foz Rotten and his dirty scoundrels, The Big Bad, The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque and The Renfields. Plus you will be subjected to my inept interviews with RJ Haddy, Ghostbusters WV, Eliska Hahn, Danny Boyd, Vincent Renfield and a Dalek. There’s plenty of other wild sights and sounds of Shocka-Con presented here, starting with a remix of the internet sensation, the Twerking Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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Monday Morning Art: Penny, Unpossessed

penny shocka 005mma

Last week we brought you the lovely Penny Maple in various stages of being possessed by SATAN, apparently after a card game with Old Scratch.  This week we bring you a digital oil painting inspired by video of Ms. Maple in her natural habitat, dancing at Shocka-Con as part of The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque. You can see part of her Shocka-Con performance in Radio Free Charleston 192, the second half of our Halloween Special, coming to PopCult later this morning.

In addition to The Wayward Girls, you can expect to see The Nanker Phelge, Foz Rotten and his dirty scoundrels, The Big Bad and The Renfields.  Plus you will be subjected to my inept interviews with RJ Haddy, Ghostbusters WV, Eliska Hahn, Danny Boyd, Vincent Renfield and a Dalek. That and more can be found in RFC 192, coming to PopCult soon (maybe it’s already here if you know where to look).  Click the image to see a bigger version.

PopCult Instant Video: 2013 HallowEast Zombie Walk, with special guests, The Run Like Hell Zombie 5 K Run!

zom walk 13The Zombie apocalypse hit the streets of Charleston big time last night. There was chaos, danger, and crowds. You couldn’t swing a zombie cat without hitting a dead person (Or was it the other way around?  Nevermind.)

The PopCult/Radio Free Charleston crew braved the mean streets of Charleston’s Historic East End and captured real video evidence of the killing fields. One of our camerapeople may have been lost to the zombie hoard, but we did managed to recover the video she shot first, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Authorities are baffled to what caused this sudden outbreak of cannibalism and murder, but one grisled oldtimer told this reporter what he said his granddad always told him, “When The West Side is full, the dead will walk the East End!”

RFC Flashback: Episodes 7 and 8

Half of The Pistol Whippers

Half of The Pistol Whippers

This week we re-present the very first Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special. It was also our first two-part episode and was our most elaborate production with a script, actors, stunts, special effects and a cliffhanger halfway-through. We have remastered and combined episodes seven and eight into one long show (which is actually still shorter than many of our shows are these days) and bring them to you once again, fully restored.

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