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Monday Morning Art: Light And The City

We start off this week with a digital painting that is actually an early take on what has become the Stark Charleston animation project.  This one would have been too hard to animate, but I really like it as a stand-alone piece. It got a good reaction when I posted it on Facebook last week, so now I’m sharing it with my PopCult readers….many of whom probably already saw this on Facebook. Click the image for a larger version.

Sunday Evening Videos: WATT 4 and The Scrap Iron Pickers

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This week’s dose of video goodness sees the full version of WATT4’s cover of the Asia classic, “Heat Of The Moment,” which was edited for time in the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston.That’s it right up there above this text, or at this link, if the blog is behaving badly.

After the “Read More,” you’ll get to see the animated video for The Scrap Iron Pickers’ song “Swamp Thing,” which ran in episode 93 of RFC.

And after that, we’re digging way back to bring you “Deathburn” by The Ghosts Of Now, a group that included Lee Harrah from WATT4 and Roadblock from The Scrap Iron Pickers. This video was originally part of RFC number 19, way back in June, 2007.

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Jeff Ellis, Young Lovers, Cool Toys and One Weird Cat

The PopCulteer
March 26, 2010

The Forgetting Place

Jeff Ellis, the prodigal poet of West Virginia, is back with a new collection of songs that show his continued growth as a rock and roll artiste of distinction. “The Forgetting Place” is now available at Taylor Books and Budget Tapes & Records. Backed by a studio band led by Bud Carroll, this CD features crisp production and sounds better than most major-label releases. From the first notes of “If He’s So Good To You,” with it’s Stiff Records pub-rock sound and classic love-triangle lyrics, you know you’re in for an amazing ride.

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Monday Morning Art: Stark Charleston Reject

We’re kicking off Spring with a wrong turn on our way to develop a new graphic approach for use in the “Stark Charleston” animation project.  This was an attempt to add color to the mix. I like this one test, but I’m sticking with black and white for the finished project. This was an attempt at working with a very limited color pallette in high contrast. Click it to see a bigger version.

Sunday Evening Videos: Russian Crooning And Jeff Ellis On RFC.

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This week’s video was recommended by little Frankie Panucci, age seven, of South Hills. It’s a darling performance by a wonderful crooner from Russian television. It’s amazing the things you can pick up from that Sputnik thing.

After the jump, you’ll find one of our archived episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  Episode 68 features music from Jeff Ellis (coming to The Empty Glass this Thursday) and Marcie Bullock, plus The RFC Financial Report and “Cuticles,” who are due to to return soon. Look for a review of Jeff’s new CD next week in PopCult.
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More On Abner, Plus ArtWalk And IWA East Coast In Pictures

The PopCulteer
March 19, 2010

Setting the record straight.

Last week I wrote about the proposed production of the musical “Lil’ Abner,” which is slated to star Charleston’s mayor, Danny Jones. There were a few misconceptions on my part, and a couple of attempts at subterfuge by people in the comments section of this blog. Mayor Jones took the time to contact me to clear up a few things, and in the interest of fairness and accuracy, I am going to revisit this topic.

First, I still think the idea of Mayor Jones playing the lead role is a bad one. I also think that billing this as a “reunion” when the original female lead is not a willing participant is a mistake. It would be like holding a reunion of Hall and Oates, without Hall. If you recall, my long-time girlfriend, Melanie Larch, the co-star of the 1986 production of “Lil’ Abner,” was asked to be involved with this “reunion.” She declined. She thought it was a bad idea, but kept quiet about it out of respect to the other parties involved.

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Arts Council Of Kanawha Valley Meetings

The Arts Council of Kanawha Valley will hold a series of public meetings to identify arts organizations, artists and people who want to contribute, be involved and/or learn more about the council.This is a great idea, and can help build bridges between the different organizations and people to whom the arts are important.

A full schedule of organizational meetings can be found by clicking the “read more” link.

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Sunday Evening Videos: Syd Barrett, Explained

Below, you see the exact images Syd Barrett saw in his mind when he wrote this song (if the video is missing, click here):

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It explains so much, doesn’t it.

After the jump, check out this week’s bonus video, one of last year’s episodes of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Blue Million, recorded at Bruno’s, across Lee Street from The Clay Center. Alan Griffith and Blue Million return to Bruno’s this coming Friday night.Try the brick-oven pizza!

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