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Spread The Joytacular

It’s time for the No Pants Players annual “Joytacular.”  This Christmas pageant with a demented edge kicks off Thursday night at 8 PM at the La Belle Theater, 311 D Street.  Unlike their usual shows, the Joytacular presents the No Pants Gang in written sketches, rather than the usual “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” game format.  This give the crew the chance to show off their considerable acting chops, as well as their sparkling dance moves.   Last year’s Joytacular was so funny that it made the Pope wet himself.  And he wasn’t even there at the time.  The funny traveled around the world and found him.

You can also participate in the Pants Drive for Covenant House.  Check their website for details. 

If You Go: The No Pants Players Joytacular runs November 29, and 30, and December 1 at the La Belle Theater, 311 D Street South Charleston, West Virginia.  Tickets are $12.

The PopCult Guide To Not Shopping This Weekend

Okay, you’re not insane enough to venture into the post-apocolyptic retail environment this weekend.  Leave that for younger, needier, loopier cash-strapped  people in need of instant gratification.  There’s still plenty to do in town this weekend that doesn’t involve gettting up at 5 AM and punching grannies in the throat so you can get the last five-dollar Bratz doll.  You can fill your weekend with art, music and professional wrestling!

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Watch This!

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This is the promo video for our big night.  You’ll be seeing a lot of it in the next few weeks. Heck, you’ll even hear about it in the next episode of Radio Free Charleston, which should go online later Tuesday. Production notes are forthcoming.

Monday Morning Art is taking a couple of weeks off so that I can work on the compilation for the big December 8 Radio Free Charleston night at the La Belle Theater in South Charleston.  However, you can still visit the Monday Morning Art Store, which will feature a variety of different designs from the past year until the new art resumes a couple of Mondays from now. This may be your last chance to purchase some of these rare and awesome designs, which you didn’t want the first time around.

Starting Friday, PopCult will bring you cool toys for the holidays. 

Tuesday Morning Art: The City At Night

The art for this shortened week is a quickie airbrush piece I did called “The City At Night.” It depicts a glowing moon looking down at the city……at night.  This was sort of inspired by the view of the mountains and the moon over the Charleston skyline.

 As always, you can click the image to see a larger version.  And you can also buy this image in the newly revamped Monday Morning Art Store.  You still have a chance to be one of the first five customers of the store!  You can also follow these links to see my efforts in the PopCult store and the Radio Free Charleston store.   

Burning Music Halls, Karoake, Blues, delayed art and MST3K: The PopCult Weekend

Monday Morning Art will be posted on Tuesday, due to pressing deadlines and Veteran’s Day and certain planetary alignment issues.  However, I do have time to update you on some weekend news about music, toys, karakoke, and the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, or at least the component parts thereof.

First, we lost a landmark performance venue over the weekend.  The Columbia Music Hall in Portsmouth Ohio burned down.   Details are sketchy, but it happened sometime after a rock show Saturday night.  Reportedly, most of the expensive renovations have been gutted. The owners vow to rebuild, but it’s a daunting task. Details can be found here and here.

The MySpace page for the music hall just released the following statement:

Many of you now know that the Columbia Music Hall in Portsmouth, Ohio has suffered tragedy. The future is very uncertain at this time . The Scott family has suffered such a loss with this fire and your PRAYERS, SUPPORT and WORDS of ENCOURAGEMENT are needed.After 7 years of blood, sweat and tears……to bring a dream to reality… and the reality had come to life through our friends, family and community… through your support YOU had helped make their dream a reality and to watch it be engulfed in flames was beyond words for the Scott Family and staff.PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FUTURE…. the Scott family built this place for YOU, the community and especially the kids.” Continue reading

Production Notes For Number Thirty!

Wow! Lookat all that crap! What an amazing show!

It’s hard to believe Radio Free Charleston has hit 30. It’s all downhill from here. The knees will go. The hair will get thinner and grayer. The show will have to go to the doctor regularly for all kinds of invasive examinations. But let’s concentrate on the positive things. Radio Free Charleston episode 30, “Freedom Of Choice Shirt,” is online now, and it’s jam-packed with great music and weird stuff.

Our musical guests are singer-songwriter Mark Bates, recorded live at the Unity Open Stage, The Voo Doo Katz, recorded live at the La Belle Theater, and RFC regular John Radcliff, performing in the kitchen at LiveMix Studio. We also feature animation and the first installment of “The Android Family.” Continue reading

Cool Toy Of The Week: Mothman and Flatwoods Monster Playset

David and Sun Min, creators of the Uglydoll toys, are launching the UMA SUPERMARKET TOY SERIES of polybagged, offbeat toys made to look like the kind of stuff you find hanging on the pegs at supermarkets.  Their first offering in this series of toys will be the Mothman vs The Flatwoods Green Monster playset.  That’s right, they’re kicking off this new toy line with a Mountain State connection!  Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: Night Bird

Digital Painting by Rudy Panucci 11.02.07

We kick off a busy week with a digital painting I did last Friday. Unfortunately, reducing the size for PopCult meant that a lot of the detail disappeared.  Click the image for a larger version.  The Monday Morning Art Store is undergoing maintainance and will be updated later in the week.

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