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Sunday Evening Video: Shocka Con

Shocka Con was a complete triumph over the weekend, and you will see loads of footage from it on the Radio Free Charleston Halloween show later this month. This inaugural installment of what will likely become a cool area tradition has been covered in detail by Spotlight West Virginia, who also brought us the video clip you see above (and you might see a cameo by yours truly, if you watch closely).

Weekend Events And A Great Toy Hoax

The PopCulteer
September 28, 2012  

There is some great stuff going on in town this weekend, so we’re going to take a quick look at some of that before we dive into the meat of this week’s PopCulteer.

The Legend of Ginger and Billy Joe: The Stock Car Musical

This is the new Dan Kehde/Mark Scarpelli musical, put on by The Contemporary Youth Arts Company, and it actually opened last night at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater. This is not your typical CYAC production. The Stock Car Musical is a wicked parody of Redneck culture, about as raunchy as “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” but about a hundred times funnier. Your PopCulteer only got to see the first four numbers from this show when we recorded portions of a dress rehearsal for next week’s Radio Free Charleston, but I can tell that the show is fall-on-your-ass hilarious.

Maddie Gourevich and Travis Stephens are Ginger and Billy Joe, two star-crossed lovers trying to find their way back together five years, three marriages and divorces and three kids later. The action takes place at The Blue Bonnet Whiskey 500, where Billy Joe wants to be a driver, just like his dad, and Ginger sells T-shirts to the crowd. Billy Joe’s aspirations are blocked by the owner of the Snout driving team, who promised Billy Joe’s mother that he wouldn’t let her son race because that’s how his daddy died. Continue reading

Great Music, Strange Film and A Very Dark Mound On RFC 169

Radio Free Charleston 169, “The Black Knight Rises,” features music from Emily Burdette, Godmode Broadway and The Nanker Phelge, plus two short films by Frank Panucci. Host segments were shot at The Mound in South Charleston about an hour later than we’d planned, and we plug a couple of cool local events, both of which are coming up this Saturday.

This week’s episode is hosted from The Mound in South Charleston, where September 29, part of Shocka Con will take place. This year’s Shocka Con will be a fundraiser/preview of what organizers hope will be a full-blown horror and fantasy convention next year.

This year there will be horror movies, including Eamon Hardiman’s “Porkchop 3 D,” screened just down D street at The historic Labelle Theater, seminars at the South Charleston Public Library, and at the Mound, following the Monster Parade, it’s live music from The Dead Ringers, The Nanker Phelge and The Renfields, plus performances from The Monster Dolls and the cast of Kanawha Player’s Evil Dead.   Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: More Steampunk Sketchy

We’re still working on some of the cool images we captured last week at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. Above you see a digital painting of Vorel Sarkany and Ophellia Darc. Below it’s a graphically doctored image of Denny. As always, click to enlarge.

Be sure to hit up PopCult later today for Radio Free Charleston 169, with music from Emily Burdette, Godmode Broadway and The Nanker Phelge, plus animation from Frank Panucci.

ArtWalk In Photos and The New Rules Of Debate

The PopCulteer
September 21, 2012  

Last night a very tired PopCulteer made the ArtWalk rounds, but I ran out of steam before I could pop in to what was probably the coolest event of the nght, Underground Art at Studio 1031, featuring Steven Schmidt’s interview with Iggy Pop. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was week. We did get to see some cool new stuff (Like the Blenko Glass Cat at The Purple Moon, seen on the right) at the stops we made before our age caught up with us and we had to go home.

Also this week, I don’t often write about politics in the PopCulteer, but when I do, I bury it at the end, after a photo essay.

Continue reading

Arguing With Idiots On The Internet

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

The above quote, derived from the writings of Mark Twain, is sage advice. Advice which I, sadly, do not always observe. I’ve got a bad habit, some would say a personality flaw, in that when I see misinformation online, I try to correct it. Usually, this is benign and welcome. I’m an expert in a few fields. If I see someone list a Beatles single with the wrong B-side, or say that a GI Joe accessory came out in the wrong year, I set the record straight, and it’s usually appreciated.

Unfortunately, politics are a different matter. These days people approach politics with the passion and stupidity usually reserved for rooting for a sports team. Fact-checking is not welcome. My knowledge of The Affordable Healthcare Act is mocked and derided. Never mind that I’ve been paid to read and analyze it. If I point out that someone is posting something that’s factually wrong, I get attacked and then watch as a lie is justified by some imagined sin by the other side. Continue reading

Sunday Evening Video: The Grand Opening of The East End Bazaar

It’s PopCult Instant Video time, where we bring you video of a cool local event the day after it took place. On September 15, 2012, The East End Bazaar and Artisan Market held its grand opening, with music from Comparsa and many vendors including Charly Hamilton, Mark Wolfe Photography, The EcoBeader, Ian Bode, Kelly Bryant , Karen Garnes of the Capitol Clay Arts Company, Fish Acre Farms and Frütcake, among others. This video combines the music of Comparsa with some of the sights and sounds of opening day. The Bazaar will be held Saturdays from April through October, from 9 AM to 3 PM.

The Last Weekend Of Summer

The PopCulteer
September 14, 2012  

Yes Virginia, It’s One of Those Weekends

We’re heading into the last weekend of summer and Charleston is having one of its “you must be high if you think nothing ever happens here” weekends. There’s so much going on here in town that we have to devote the entire PopCulteer to a run down of weekend events. In order to make things more interesting, we’re not going to cover them in chronological order; instead, jumping around at random. Your PopCulteer has to do something to stay awake while he’s writing this.

East End Bazaar Grand Opening

This Saturday morning it’s time for the Grand Opening of the East End Bazaar, at the corner of Washington St., E. and Ruffner Ave. The Bazaar will feature a variety of local artists and artisans, food and drinks by Frütcake, produce and CSA info from Fish Hawk Acres, and music by Comparsa (TWO SETS). The market opens at 9 AM, and there will be a short ceremony at 11 AM, Comparsa’s hot Latin music starts at 11:15 AM

A partial list of artists and vendors includes: Charly Hamilton, Mark Wolfe, Mel Bradbury, Ian Bode, Kelly Bryant , Karen Garnes of the Capitol Clay Arts Company, and many, many more. You can find more information at

Watching The Web

Some folks will want to spend the weekend just watching TV shows on the internet. For those folks, you can watch the three-part Tribute To The Troops II special of Radio Free Charleston all smooshed together right here…

Continue reading

Part Three Of Tribute To The Troops on RFC 168

At the top of this post you should see Radio Free Charleston 168 “Zelda by Megan Lara Shirt” (Tribute To The Troops II part three).This is the final installment of our three-part special devoted to Tribute To The Troops II, an all-ages, all-day musical event held at The Saint Albans City Pak amphitheater for the benefit of The West Virginia National Guard Foundation and The Wounded Warrior Project.

Rudy, wearing Megan Lara’s Zelda

This episode brings you music from In The Company of Wolves, Point of Jerus, Deck of Fools and a very special song from HarraH. We also have a short film about The West Virginia National Guard Foundation narrated by Melanie Larch, with video contributions by Steven Allen Adams and West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Our namesake shirt is a Teefury design by up-and-coming designer, Megan Lara, who is destined to be a star soon.

Continue reading

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