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RFC 61: Prodigal Sons Return in 3D!


Radio Free Charleston‘s sixty-first episode, “SHINDIG Shirt” is online now!  In this episode, we feature three triumphant returns from musical acts who got their start in the Charleston area, then moved away, before the draw of their hometown brought them back for return engagements. The cool thing is that I didn’t realize this theme until after I dropped off the show at the Gazz office. It wasn’t on purpose. It was some kind of karmic kismet-certainly more impressive thematically than the running gag about 3D that I thought tied the show together.

We did film this episode in 3D, by the way.

Our musical guests are John Radcliff, back in town for a visit after moving to Parkersburg; SHINDIG, direct from Louisville: plus a special treat from the RFC archives: Brian Diller performing at the Empty Glass in the early 1990s, after he moved to Nashville.

We also have animation from Frank Panucci, and a message from author, Brian J. Hatcher.  You may have seen Brian in the Gazette-Mail last Saturday, or at this slideshow, smokin’ his damn pipe.

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Tuesday Morning Art: Johnny RAD

I told you it was gonna be late. This week’s art is a digitally-assaulted frame-grab from the next episode of Radio Free Charleston. That’s my buddy John Radcliff, performing at Taylor Books. Click the image to enlarge it. Don’t worry about the Monday Morning Art store. I gots to get me some sleep, first.

In addition to Rad, RFC 61 will feature SHINDIG plus a very special musical surprise. Check back later today to see if I woke up in time to deliver it to the Gazz office.

Sunday Evening Videos: Kate , Again

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] 

Tonight we’re going to indulge in my Kate Bush worship again, and present some more of her music. Above, you see the rare “Puppet” version of “Suspended In Gaffa.” On the other side of the “read more” link, you’ll see a few more cool Kate vids.  Thanks to the Kate Bush Tribute Page for pointing us towards these.

Monday Morning Art will be delayed tomorrow, but it should be up by the afternoon, and the next RFC, episode 61, with John Radcliff, SHINDIG, a surprise bonus from our archives, and a message from a noted WV author, will be ready by Wednesday.

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In Appreciation Of Taylor Books: Production Notes For RFC 60

The 60th episode of Radio Free Charleston, our post-Valentine’s Day valentine to Taylor Books, is online now.  The music, host segments, and 60 Second Art Show were all recorded at Taylor Books and/or the Cafe and Annex Gallery.  The music was recorded on consecutive nights in January, and the rest just last Monday evening.

Our music this week is from Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen, Joseph Henry and John Radcliff.  The “60 Second Art Show features a quick look at the work of Taylor Book’s Annex Gallery regulars Eric Pardue and Charles Jupiter Hamilton. Our animation this time is by the mystery man known as P-Dox.

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Monday Morning Art: Abstract

Here’s a little secret about us artistic types: Sometimes we’ll start drawing something, and even though we don’t know what the hell it is we’re drawing, we’ll finish it anyway.  Then, to cover up the fact that we were just aimlessly doodling, we give the piece a heavy, pretentious title to try and fool people into thinking that we have a “grand artistic vision.”

Today’s piece is a digital painting called “The Persistence Of Wondering Aloud Whatever Became Of The Wankel Rotary Engine.”

Click it to enlarge the image.  The Monday Morning Art Store is down for maintenance until later in the week.  On the other side of the jump you can see the original sketch, as cranked out at Taylor Books while listening to Josh Buskirk a couple of weekends ago.

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Sunday Evening Videos: Preview RFC 60

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] 

Radio Free Charleston’s 60th episode will go online Tuesday.  Tonight’s videos preview two of the musical acts on the show. Above you see Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen performing “I Want To Hold Your Hand” at the December 2007 Radio Free Charleston retrospective/jam at the La Belle Theater.  If you follow the “read more” link, you’ll see John Radcliff performing at the same event, doing an early version of the song you’ll hear during the end credits of RFC 60. “Come In And Stay Awhile.”  That show will also feature Joseph Henry, and Taylor Books! Check here Tuesday.

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Monday Morning Art: The Moun-Tain

We take a running stab at this week with a digitally-colored sketch. I took the old sketchbook out to Taylor’s again last Saturday, this time while listening to 12-string maestro Josh Buskirk, and cranked out a few usable bits of art.  This one was actually started years ago–I’m not sure how far back this particular sketchbook dates, but it’s within the last eight years.  I finished the drawing, then scanned, colored and otherwise ruint it all up.

Like last week, technical issues will keep this one from going up in the Monday Morning Art Store until Tuesday, but you can still click on the image to see a larger version. On the other side of the “Read More” link, you can see the original sketch plus a rejected version or two.

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Sunday Evening Videos:The Moog Guitar

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Moog Music, the company that carries on the legacy of the late Robert Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, has introduced their first guitar. It’s pretty epic. This instrument offers infinite sustain on all six strings as well as a variety of other technological innovations that extend the versatility of the guitar into new soundscapes.  If, like me, you like your music new and strange, this is a  very exciting development.

For example, in the video above you get to see how the Moog Guitar, when to Moog’s Etherwave controller, can be played using a Theremin the way a regular guitar players uses a pedal.  Cool, isn’t it?

After the jump there are more demos and reviews of this new toy. It’s way to expensive for a guitarist of my meager talents, but there should be some wild music coming out of this magic ploonker soon.

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A Tribute To Abraham Lincoln: RFC 59 Notes

Episode 50 of Radio Free Charleston is online now! This week’s show is a special tribute to our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

We feature two songs from the Contemporary Youth Arts Company production of the opera, “Lincoln,” by Dan Kehde and Mark Scarpelli, and we also have a Lincoln-centric short film and an animated message from George Washington.

Host segments were shot while driving around Charleston in a Lincoln Town Car, but we end up on the site of the former Lincoln Junior High School. With all the Lincoln-specific content, there was only one thing we could call this show, “Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt.”

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Monday Morning Art: Alien Sky Doodle

Today’s Monday Morning Art, like last week’s, is a digital painting based on yet another sketch from a couple of weeks ago when I took the sketchbook to Taylor Books. This one is of an aircraft flying over an alien landscape.  An unusually large percentage of the sketches in my sketchbooks are of aircraft flying over alien landscapes.  This one was colored in the computer, then run through some filters to get the “Pop Art”/comic book look.

Technical issues will keep this one from going up in the Monday Morning Art Store until Tuesday, but you can still click on the image to see a larger version. On the other side of the “Read More” link, you can see the original sketch and the color version, pre-filtering.

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