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Monday Morning Greeting

The art will go up later in the week. Part Three of the half vast gift guide got lost in the mail and might be here on Wednesday.  The new episode of Radio Free Charleston is online now.

Here’s a special holiday greeting, featuring several of today’s top voice-over artists, stolen from Mark Evanier’s blog.

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And to all….a Good Night!

Merry Christmas From PopCult.

Christmas Time Production Notes!

Radio Free Charleston Episode 32, “West Virginia Shirt” is online now!  This show features Mountain Laurel Ensemble, 69 Fingers, The Android Family and more.  It’s hosted from Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor (I stole that joke from Heidi MacDonald, who stole it from the old Batman TV show) and it’s part of the Christmas that almost wasn’t.

Later today, this post will be fleshed out with full production notes, but right now, I gotta go get something to eat.

The PopCult Half Vast Gift Guide

Welcome to the third annual PopCult Gift Guide.  Usually we present a huge load of well-researched gift ideas a few weeks in advance of the big holiday.  Some people have even commented on how “vast” and encompassing our gift guides have been.  This year, however, we have scaled down somewhat.  Our Gift Guide will only run for three days, and the focus will be on last-minute gift ideas.  You could say that this year, the PopCult Gift Guide is “half vast.” 

With the holiday rapidly approaching like a runaway Amtrak train when you’re in a car stalled on the tracks, we’ll dive in and see what wonderful treasures we can dredge up to rescue your “wait ’til the last minute to shop” behinds.   Today we’re looking at Books and Toys. Tomorrow we’ll recommend Comedy, Music and Home Furnishings.  On Friday, check back for our picks in Movies, Animation, and Food.

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Wednesday Night All Ages Show at the La Belle!

Phot by Charlie DotsonTomorrow night Radio Free Charleston faves The Concept and Seven Minutes Till Midnight, along with future RFC guests Drop Ded Phred and new (to me) bands Geronimo and The Excitement will tear up the stage at the Historic La Belle Theater in South Charleston. 

The Concept are all over the place this week.  In addition to headlining this all ages show at the La Belle, they’ll be back Saturday opening for 69 Fingers (guests on RFC number 32, coming Wednesday), also all ages and also at the La Belle.  For those of you who like booze with your punk, you can catch The Concept at The Blue Parrot Friday night with Voices of Anatole and The Renfields. One week from tonight, The Concept opens again for 69 Fingers at The Empty Glass. Check out one of their RFC videos right here.

Seven Minutes Till Midnight just appeared at the Radio Free Charleston Retrospective/Jam Session.  You can see part of their set here.  You can also catch them with their original song “Hey John, I Did Imagine” on episode 28 of RFC, our Beatles Tribute Show.

Drop Ded Phred doesn’t know it yet, but at the show Wednesday, I’ll be talking to them about coming into LiveMix Studio in January for a future episode of RFC. I’m also looking forward to hearing Geronimo and The Excitement, too.  And that’s not even all the cool stuff you can go to this week! Check PopCult tomorrow for news on even more events, mixed in with the third annual PopCult Gift Guide.

Tuesday Morning Art: A Hectic Holiday Week

Our art this week is more of me wallowing in nostalgia.  It’s a digitally-assaulted photograph from the Charleston Playhouse around Christmas time, 1989.   That’s Jay Friedman, one of my brethren in the Charleston Playhouse Quartet on the left, giving me “rabbit ears.”  Karen McGraw, one of the managers of the Playhouse, in the middle looking dazed. On the right, that’s me.  We’re all psychedelicized for your perusal.

This is going to be a busy week in PopCult, with as many as four posts going up later this evening, and lots and lots of stuff to write about in the coming days.  Our gift guide will start tonight, and there’s a big show at the La Belle tomorrow night that I’ll be telling you about this afternoon.  And with any luck, the Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston will go online tomorrow!

With so much going on, I haven’t had time to update the Monday Morning Art Store with this image yet.  If you really want a shirt with a digitally-assaulted snapshot of me from 18 years ago, it’ll go live over there today or tomorrow.

The Coming Week In PopCult

Monday Morning Art will once again be delayed until Tuesday, as we crash head-on into the deadline for the Christmas Episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Also, later today check back for the beginning of our third annual “PopCult Gift Guide.” This year we’re going to hit three cool last-minute gift ideas each day for the next five days.  You can expect cool gifts from the following categories: Books; DVDs; Toys; Food; and Music.  The fun kicks off later this afternoon, right here in PopCult. 

Gotta get back to making video magic, now.

“Those Eyes” by Stephen Beckner at the RFC Retrospective Jam Session

Wrapping up our week’s worth of clips from last Saturday’s Radio Free Charleston Retrospective/Jam Session is my old friend, Stephen Beckner, with his original tune, “Those Eyes.”

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Fans of both the radio and the internet incarnations of Radio Free Charleston will be familiar with Stephen.  Back in the radio days, he was part of Go Van Gogh, one of the area’s hottest bands, and his songs were among the most requested by our listeners.  Fast forward to the internet era, and Stephen has been a contributor to RFC since the second episode, where he appeared as a solo performer.  He’s also been on our video show as an animator, filmmaker, and a member of Go Van Gogh, and we have some pretty nifty stuff up our sleeve for the future, too. 

Stephen is also an accomplished photographer.  You can check out his photo blog, here.

Next week in PopCult, we finally get around to covering the cool toys and you can also look forward to the third annual PopCult Gift Guide, this year with a real “last-minute” feel!

“Can’t You See” by Seven Minutes Till Midnight at the RFC Retrospective

Three members of RFC faves Seven Minutes Till Midnight (Justin, Tommy, and EJ–Roy had to leave early) treated the crowd to their version of The Marshall Tucker Band classic, “Can’t You See” at the Radio Free Charleston Retrospective at the South Charleston Museum at the La Belle Theater last Saturday night.

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You can catch Seven Minutes Till Midnight, along with The Concept, Drop Ded Phred, and a few other area bands at the La Belle next Wednesday, December 19.  More details will be posted here in PopCult, or you can check the band’s MySpace pages by clicking on their names.

Tomorrow we wrap up our week of Jam Session videos with Stephen Beckner.

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