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The L.A. Debut of a Charleston Artist

The PopCulteer
May 31, 2013

This week PopCult congratulates our buddy and fantastic local artist, Glen Brogan, as he has his first solo art show in Los Angeles.

Our pal Glen, who did the large mural on the side of the Bluegrass Kitchen as well as the Charleston postcard style Streetworks sign, has an opening tonight at Gallery 1988 (East), at 7021 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. His show of new works opens tonight from 7 to 10 PM and runs through June 22.

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Mob Candy and PROG

The PopCult Bookshelf Magazine Rack

This week instead of recommending a book or comic, we’re going to mosey over to the other part of the bookstore, the magazine rack. Magazines seem to be a bit of an endangered species these days, but one area that’s thriving is niche-marketed specialty magazines. This week we’re going to look at a couple of entries that we picked up on a recent trip to the large chain bookstore with the giant magazine rack.

Mob Candy
Volume 1, number 8
“The Entertainment Magazine of Mafia Politics Pleasures and Power”

My dad would have loved this. It’s a whole magazine devoted to Mob Culture. Aimed at folks who can quote “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas” at will, this issue of the magazine celebrates 40 years of “The Godfather.”

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The PopCult ToyBox: MEGO Meet Preview

It’s just a short PopCult Toybox this week, but an exciting one. We are less than two weeks away from MEGO Meet 2013. This is the annual MEGO collectors blowout convention with loads of custom figures, manufacturers showing off new MEGO style product and lots of dealers selling classic MEGO toys. Collectors from all over the world will be coming to West Virginia to play with toys!

The 2013 Mego Meet will once again be at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia. Dates for 2013 are June 7 and 8. The registration fee for MEGO Meet is $20, which includes admission for the MEGO collector and a patient and tolerant spouse. All registration fees go to the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum to cover the costs incurred for hosting this event.

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A Progress Report and Stuff To Do

The PopCulteer
May 24, 2013

Still Recovering

Here at PopCult Central we are still rebuilding after the devestating battery back-up explosion from a couple of weeks ago. However, we’re expecting things to be back to normal next week as The PopCult Toybox returns with an update on some cool stuff we’ve told you about recently, in addition to that, the PopCult Bookshelf will return with a look at some new magazines that you can find on the stands.

Speaking of magazines, you can find an article I wrote about American Horror Story trading cards as the cover feature of Non Sport Update, on stands now.

There’s a good chance that Radio Free Charleston will return on June 1 too, a bit ahead of schedule, but at full strength with a strong line-up.

Of course Monday Morning Art will return, as will The PopCulteer. Sunday Evening Video will take the week of because nobody reads blogs on the Sunday before a day off.  The managment thanks youse for your patience.

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Monday Morning Art: Happy Couples

Last night Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School held a session at Uncork and Create with a special theme, Marriage Equality. All the tips and proceeds from print sales were going to help fund a wedding trip for one of the models, Lavender Menace,  so she and her fiancee can travel to a state with more enlightened laws to get legally married.

Above we have the happy couple, and after the jump you can see some more quick digital paintings featuring Vorel Sakrany with Ophelia Darc, Cat Schrodinger with Kitty Killton and Leo Tuxedo, as Cupid. Click the images to see bigger versions.

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Sunday Evening Video: Zero Zero

Back in December, 2010, I brought you several music videos by Mike Batt, a composer and performer of whom I have have been a fan for a very long time.  When I posted that item, I lamented the unavailability of my favorite work of his, a “Video Fantasy” called “Zero Zero” in the US.

Zero Zero is a New Wave/orchestral hybrid of a ballet with a long-form music video. It tells a story set in a futuristic dystopian society where love has been declared a mental disorder and is systematically eliminated. I discovered it among the many treasures aired in the early days of the USA Network program, “Night Flight.”  I was familiar with the music, but the visuals, including dance, animation and a wild set design, were mind-blowing. I hadn’t seen Zero Zero since it last aired on Night Flight around thirty years ago.

Just a few days ago, Mike Batt graciously posted the entire work, in remastered form no less, to YouTube. That’s it you see at the top of this post.  Please enjoy Mike Batt with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, performing Zero Zero.

Stuff To Do

The PopCulteer
May 17, 2013

Stuff To Do

We’re still not fully functional here at PopCult Central, so this week we’re just going to bring you a few flyers and tell you where some bands are playing, although we don’t have cover charges or start times for everyone. Bear with us, please…

The big thing this weekend for your Popculteer is Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, which is shifting over to Uncork and Create this month for a celebration of marriage for everyone! Proceeds from the tip jar go to help pay for a trip to DC for a happy young couple, who cannot yet tie the knot here, to get married.

Another biggie is HarraH and The AK 40 Sexuals tonight at The Sound Factory…

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We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

You may be wondering where the regular PopCult features went this week. We missed the PopCult Toybox and The PopCult Bookshelf. There’s a funny story about that.

Sunday evening, the battery backup for your PopCulteer’s computer system blowed up. It blowed up real good. After extinguishing the battery backup and relocating everything plugged into it, it was discovered that the reliable workhorse PC that we use for PopCult and Radio Free Charleston had reverted to paperweight mode.

I had already posted Sunday Evening Video and Monday Morning Art for this week (including an embarrassing typo in the headline that went uncorrected until this morning), but I was looking at the very real possibility of having lost months worth of work during a week where I’m facing pressing deadlines on non-PopCult-related projects.

This happened on Sunday night, too late to go any store to find what I needed to fix it, and I had commitments that kept me away from doing anything from Monday morning to Wednesday night.

Long story short: I was able to fix the PC using paper clips and chewing gum (and a new power supply from Computers Plus–thanks guys), and it’s working for the moment. Production of Radio Free Charleston will be migrating to a bright, shiny new quad-core system, and setting that up will take some time, so RFC is going on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Since your PopCulteer has another commitment tonight, a magazine deadline that has been graciously extended to Friday and a submission due next week for the East End Main Street Streetworks 2014 project, PopCult will still be running at a diminished capacity. It’s unlikely that I will be able to cover ArtWalk this month, since it’s today and I’m still rebuilding, and the PopCult Toybox and Bookshelf will probably take next week off.

But after we get all the bugs ironed out, everything should be hunky-dory and PopCult will be better than ever.

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