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The RFC MINI SHOW: The Dread Crew of Oddwood

For the second time in two days, it’s time for the RFC MINI SHOW! Because of a minor computer problem, we didn’t have a MINI SHOW last week. To make up for it, we’re bringing you a bonus show now.

A few weeks ago we were privileged to record San Diego’s “Dread Crew of Oddwood” at The Empty Glass. This band of musical pirates was on a rare East Coast tour, and we grabbed a ton of songs by them. We featured them on RFC 190 and in a special “Talk Like A Pirate Day” video. In this week’s MINI SHOW we’re bringing you two more songs from Oddwood.

The RFC MINI SHOW presents Zeroking

This is the second RFC MINI SHOW! Rudy Panucci introduces two songs by Zeroking, recorded at the ECMC Kick Cancer benefit show last summer at The Eagles Club on Charleston’s West Side.

Zeroking has a new music video for their song, “Dead Rockstar” that you can see as our Sunday Evening Video. On October 18, Zeroking takes the stage with White Chapel District at The Blue Parrot in Charleston.

Look for another RFC MINI SHOW tomorrow.

Sunday Evening Video: Zeroking (NSFW)

Our featured video tonight is the brand-new music video by RFC 189 guests, Zeroking. “Dead Rock Star” is about exactly what it says in the title. It’s also got some explicit language that is not safe for work or for the ears of the young ‘uns.  Be Warned.

This clip just debuted online a few days ago.  The reason that we’re bringing this to you now is that Zeroking just happens to star in the second edition of the RFC MINI SHOW, the first of two new MINI SHOWs  this week, with the Zeroking edpisode coming to PopCult later tonight.

Jeff Ellis At Tamarack Sunday Afternoon

ellisH_I130925170415Once and future Radio Free Charleston guest, Jeff Ellis, will be performing at the Gov. Hulett C. Smith Theater at Tamarack (near Beckley) Sunday afternoon at 2 PM as part of their “Sunday@2” concert series.

Our buddy, Nick Harrah, did a cool, short interview with Jeff in this week’s Gazz. Jeff will be selling his new CD, “Learning How To Live” at the show. The clip above is his 2010 performance from RFC 100, recorded at The Empty Glass.

RFC Flashback: Episode 75

In today’s RFC Flashback we revisit our 75th episode! “Unknown Hinson Shirt,” our third-anniversary Rock And Roll Extravaganza.

This landmark edition of RFC features music by The Pistol Whippers and Unknown Hinson, both legends of honky-tonk psycho-billy stage. We also have a snippet of Princeton’s Option 22 over the end credits.

With this being our third anniversary, we took it upon ourselves to corner a few really cool people with our camera to get them to say nice things about us. Among those who weren’t quick enough to escape are Ann Magnuson, Necrobutcher (featured in the OSCAR-nominated movie “The Wrestler”), wrestling legends Gypsy Joe and Bull Pain and GWAR’s front-man, Oderous Urungus. The really cool thing is that it looks like we recorded Necro and Gypsy Joe in the same place we recorded Ann.

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Stuff To Do Saturday

Stuff To Do Saturday, September 28

The big free show tonight sees RFC faves, Sean Richardson and Spencer Elliott at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM. Will Jones will be performing at Crumpeckers in St. Albans at 9 PM with no cover charge.

Our Town continues at 8 PM at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater.

1375024_556632741075553_606940420_nSeven bucks gets you in the door at The Empty Glass for a night of 1980s excess with Johnny C and the Scurvy Dogs. The show starts at 10 PM.

Something really annoying to me when putting together these weekend events updates is when a bar or band can’t be bothered to list the cover charge that it takes to get in to their show.

With that in mind, the following shows are happening and will cost money: The Vandal Band celbrate the release of their CD, “Hillibilly Paradise” at 9:30 PM, with special guest hip-hop artist, C-Ron, at Sam’s Uptown Cafe. The Greens reunite at 10 Pm at The Boulevard Tavern. Relative Obscurity hits The Monkey Barrel at 10 PM.

Someday soon I will probably just not bother listing any show if I can’t find the location, time and cover charge.

Stuff To Do Friday

Stuff To Do Friday, September 27

We’ve already told you about Our Town and Black Diamond, but there’s lots more going on in town tonight.

Free music includes Holy Cow at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM and Cousin Larry at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way at 9 PM.

Music that we will assume has a five-dollar cover charge includes Breedlove at The Monkey Barrel (next to Bruno’s) at 9 PM, Rozwell Kid, Foz Rotton and Bishops at Sam’s Uptown Cafe at 9:30 PM, Dead Serious at The Village Cafe on Sisonville Drive at 10 PM, and Mojo Bones at The Boulevard Tavern at 10 PM. Congrats to all the clubs mentioned in this paragraph for not including one single cover charge!


PROG ROCK (The kind old farts like)

ProgWallet38The PopCulteer
September 27, 2013

This week The PopCulteer will look at one topic: What constitutes “Prog?”

For the uninformed, “Prog” is short for “progressive rock.” At one time, this was the genre of music hated most vehemently by the entenched he-man rock music critics club. Marked by amazing musicianship, overtones of classical music, long songs about “deep” topics, and in many cases extremely theatrical presentations on stage, this type of music seemed to really irritate the Rolling Stone Magazine crowd who preferred to worship at the altar of The Velvet Underground or Bruce Springsteen. Prog was ridiculed and slagged off, and rarely recognized as the trailblazing musical force that it was.

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