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The PopCulteer
October 28, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Are you ready to have the crap scared out of you?

It’s Halloween time, and that means that there are more things to do in town than a human possibly could.  ArtMares, a horrific art show at Kanawha Players Theater, is still going on with a big reception tonight. Come on down, partake of the free food and booze, then spend your rent money buying art.  We’ll be looking at some of the ArtMares art at the end of this PopCulteer.

After that, get yourself over to The Empty Glass. You can witness the world premiere of “Porkchops,” the first-ever sequel to a West Virginia-made horror movie.  I’m so enthusiastic that I’m going to quote the Facebook event page:

“We’re kicking off the EMPTY GLASS HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY WEEKEND with the premiere of our latest film PORKCHOPS. Also on the bill are the awesome horror-punk sounds of THE RENFIELDS as well as the hyper-energetic ska-pop-punk horn blasts of THE TOM MCGEES, featuring ex-members of 69 Fingers! Continue reading

October’s ArtWalk In Photos and Video

The PopCulteer
October 21, 2011

The big story at last night’s ArtWalk was the triple dose of Diller at Taylor Books last night. Brad Diller was on hand, signing copies of his book of cartoons, “The Neighbors Have Two Flamingos,” while his brother, Brian, and nephew, Nathan, were performing in Taylor’s cafe. When the matriarch of the Diller clan, Polly Diller, showed up, the family reunion was nearly complete,

But that’s not all that ArtWalk had to offer. The Charleston Ballet entered the fray with a cool exhibit, Art Emporium had a dazzling show by April Waltz, The Purple Moon offered up a room of way-cool vintage items like the one at the head of this column and the other galleries all made their mark.

We will jump into the photo essay after the “read more” link, right after this PopCult Instant Video of Brian Diller performing an old Stubby Dill classic.

Continue reading


Brad, Brian and Nathan Diller will be at Taylor Books during ArtWalk Thursday evening. Brad will be signing copies of his book, and Brian and Nathan will be providing some great music.  We’re going to re-present my recent review of Brad’s book, and take a look at a 2010 episode of Radio Free Charleston featuring Brian and Nathan to remind you why you should come out to Taylor’s and see what all the fuss is about!

The Neighbors Have Two Flamingos

Charleston native and cartoonist extraordinaire, Brad Diller, has released the first collection of his “Funday Morning” cartoons, “The Neighbors Have Two Flamingos.” This nifty spiral-bound book collects dozens of his single-panel cartoons from his Funday website.

Single-panel cartoons are an under-appreciated art form. With merely one drawing and one caption to create a humorous situation, the cartoonist has to stick firmly to the rule that brevity is the soul of wit. They have to combine a fresh, offbeat perspective with observations that resonate in the reader. Diller does so in a spectacular manner, with a sense of humor that skews off-kilter enough to be genuinely funny, without being so far gone that you worry about the safety of pets living in the area. Continue reading

Monday Morning Art: Ghouls Night Out

Today’s little bit of art is a digital painting based on a photograph taken last night at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-art show‘s special Halloween edition.  In this photo, Elle Xombeah, Lavender Menace and Penny Maple, terrorize Sarkany, in a classically horrific manner.

I did two versions of this, the Gothic Oil painting above, and the brighter, more lurid painting below. Click on them to see them larger.  And don’t be surprised if you see a lot more art from last night’s Dr. Sketchy session here in PopCult in the next couple of weeks.


Sunday Evening Video: The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

Season two of TV’s best episodic zombie show, The Walking Dead starts tonight on AMC, right after a day-long marathon of the first season.

However, there’s a little bit more Walking Dead for you. If you’ve seen the show, then you may remember “Bicycle Girl,” a sad zombie from the first episode.

Well, here’s a web-only look at her story, uh, it’s pretty gory, just in case you’re not into that sort of thing…

Everything Under The Sun, In One Long Post

The PopCulteer
October 14, 2011

Your PopCulteer has a lot of ground to cover this week, so let’s dive in, shall we?

A Happy Birdie Story

RFC Big Shot and one of my oldest friends, Brian Young and his wife, Debbie Hunt Young are off on a wonderful adventure. They’re going to China to adopt a baby girl, Birdie Ge.That’s her over there, see how cute!

This happy occasion has been a long time coming. Back when I first met with Brian at LiveMix Studio almost six years ago, he and Debbie had begun the grueling process of international adoption.

Continue reading

Tons Of Music And Leaves On RFC 146

Episode 146 of Radio Free Charleston, “Pepper Fandango Shirt,” finds us driving around the state looking at the fall colors. We have great music this week with songs from Born of Conviction, John Lancaster, Gabriel, and the cast of Jack The Ripper, plus we have animation from Frank Panucci and an art film by yours truly.

Our host segments were filmed all over West Virginia as Melanie Larch and I made the Charleston-to-Clarksburg-to-Parkersburg-to-Charleston loop so we could check out the changing foilage and basically just take a day away from everything. The trip was a load of fun, and it’s still a couple of weeks away from the peak colors, so you might just want to consider making the trip yourself. There are tons of places to stop and linger along the way. It was also nice to show off some of the other areas of the Mountain State in RFC. Continue reading

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