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The Big Bad, In The Company Of Wolves, Foz Rotten, “One Soldier, One Grave” And An Act Of Defiance Celebrated on RFC 159

That’s Radio Free Charleston 158, “Cap Seniors Shirt,” that you see at the head of this post.  This episode of the show is named after the controversial shirt that was all over the news last week.

We’ll tell you the story of the shirt at the end of these production notes. That will come after we tell you aout The Big Bad, In The Company of Wolves, Foz Rotten and Dennis Strom’s film, “One Soldier, One Grave.”

Our host-segment story is meaty tale of pointless defiance. But first, our guests this week…

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Monday Morning Art: Soviet Nerf Propaganda

Today’s artworks are two variations on a theme that I came up with over the weekend. My hope is that they eventually lead to something worthwhile. Until then, enjoy what they are so far, and click them to enjoy them being bigger.

And check back with PopCult tonight for Radio Free Charleston 158, where I wear that shirt from Cap High and present music from The Big Bad, In The Company Of Wolves and Foz Rotten, plus a trailer for Dennis Strom’s Civil War film, “One Soldier, One Grave” and more!

Two Must-See Events This Weekend

The PopCulteer
May 25, 2012

This week, your PopCulteer has been pullled in a million different directions, and has seen his writing time eaten away like one of Ed Wood’s cashmere sweaters under siege by an army of moths. This means that you will get a greatly-truncated version of the weekly blog-column. Once things slow down we will bring you the long-promised IWA East Coast photo essay, the review of the new Popeye comic book from IDW, more comic book news and a photo essay showing how I came up with my design for the East End Main Street Streetworks project for this year.

But we only have time for a half-assed PopCulteer right now. Hopefully, in a day or two, we will be able to return to our normal, completely-assed status. For now, we have two big weekend events that you need to know about…

One Soldier, One Grave

Tonight at The Alban Arts Center in St. Albans, Dennis Strom’s much-anticipated short film, “One Soldier, One Grave,” makes its offical debut. The evening kicks off at 7:30 PM. The Facebbok invite promises an evening for the family that will begin with two short films by Dennis Strom: “Martha and Me,” (how Martha Stewart’s 5-month incarceration affected the small town of Alderson WV) and “Magic In the Valley” (a behind the scenes look at Children’s Theatre’s production of “Hansel and Gretel”). Continue reading

The Liquid Canvas of James Vernon Brown

RFC 158

JVB, himself

Radio Free Charleston’s 158th episode, “The Liquid Canvas,” is devoted to the work of Charleston filmmaker, musician, and artist James Vernon Brown. I first met James back in 2007, when we recorded the band Doctor Senator. James was playing bass and had also made several cool short films and music videos featuring the band.

James ended up leaving Doctor Senator and, at a jam session at The Blue Parrot one night, I heard him play guitar for the first time and was blown away with his David Gilmore meets Jimi Hendrix six-string pyrotechnics. I remember going up to him after hearing him play and asking “why the hell were you wasting your time playing bass?”

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Monday Morning Art: Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars

Last night was the Star Wars tribute edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art Show at Kanawha Players Teater. Vorel Sarkany and Kitty Killton, among others,  were on hand to salute George Lucas’ cash cow. Here are my two first, quick impressions. More are coming. Click to make them bigger, and return to PopCult tonight for Radio Free Charleston 158, a look at the work of Jmes Vernon Brown, The Liquid Canvas.

ArtWalk In Photos With Bonus Video And Music

The PopCulteer
May 18, 2012

We had another wonderful ArtWalk last night, as Charleston’s finest galleries opened their doors late so that the denizens of Charleston’s art scene could check out their latest exhibits. The Dr. Sketchy’s crew was all over the place promotiing this Sunday’s Star Wars-themed session at Kanwha Players Theater. That’s your PopCulteer’s imaginary daughter, Kitty Killton at right, decked out in Wookie gear. That’s cameos in PopCult photo essays in two consecutive days for the kid!

Your PopCulteer took in a truncated list of galleries so that he and his lovely fiancee, Melanie Larch, could catch Thursday’s performance of The Charleston Stage Company production of Steve Martin’s play, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” It’s a great, intelligent comedy with wonderful performances by the cast and deft direction by Tim Mace. You have two more chances to see the play, tonight and Saturday at 7:30 PM at the WVSU Capitol Cente Theater on Summers Street. You should go see it.

We lucked into something very cool just outside of Ellen’s Ice Cream on Capitol Street. A stripped-down line-up of Qiet was performing. We were attracted by the musical saw, but were hooked by the bass brass (I want to call it a tuba, but I know that’s wrong). Luckily I have a video setting on the camera.

You can catch Qiet with The Demon Beat and Tofujitsu June 15 at The Boulevard Tavern. We’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks. Now, it’s picture time!

Katheryne Hawkins at Roman Associates

Katheryne Hawkins showed some amazing work at Romano Associates. I expect we'll see more from this talented newcoming in the future.

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A Chilling Photo Essay

Last night the first launch party for Daniel (heretofore referred to as “Danny”) Boyd’s graphic novel reinvention of his classic movie, “Chillers,” took place at Lost Legion Games & Comics The Rifleman in South Charleston. The place was packed. It ws a rousing success, and our PopCult cameras were there to record part of the action.

Writer and Director Daniel Boyd, Author William (Bill) Bitner, Author Jason Pell, Bus Driver Peterr Jesus (Norman Jordan), Chillers Graphic Novel Cover Girl Erica Martin and collaborators,  Betsy Rayvenn Allen and Jason Pell were on hand, as your PopCulteer popped in with his sidekick for the evening, the world-famous Kitty Killton.

This evening, Danny and the Chillers crew will be at  Lost Legion Games & Comics, The Keep, in Princeton, 5:30 PM to 8. Friday the tour hits Lost Legion Games & Comics, The Castle, in Beckkley, also at 5:30, and Saturday the book tour heads North to Lost Legion Games & Comics, The Vault, in Parkersburg, at 2 PM.

On to the ;photos!

Bus Driver Peterr Jesus (Norman Jordan), Betsy Rayvenn Allen, Chillers Graphic Novel Cover Girl Erica Martin, Danny Boyd and Jason Pell

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Chill Out Tonight

Bus Driver Peterr Jesus (Norman Jordan) and Daniel Boyd, with the Chillers graphic novel.

The classic WEst Virginia Horror movie, “Chillers,” has made the transition into graphic novel form, and tonight, Director/Creator Danny Boyd, along with contributing authors William (Bill) Bitner and Jason Pell, plus Bus Driver Peterr Jesus (Norman Jordan, seen above with Danny in a photo swiped from Facebook), “Chillers”Graphic Novel Cover Girl Erica Martin and more associated folks from the movie and graphic novel will appear at Lost Legion Games and Comics the Rifleman, 600 D Street, South Charleston, for The CHILLERS Graphic Novel Launch Party! The fun kicks off at 5: PM and at 8 PM moves around the corner to Mojjo’s Bar, on Seventh Avenue.

The CHILLERS Graphic Novel is based on the fondly-remembered 1988 Troma film written and directed by Daniel Boyd. This is the first graphic novel to be released in the anthology series by Transfuzion Publishing. The book features eleven horrifying tales narrated by passengers riding a bus to Babylon and how they “earned” their seat on the bus. These are short, horroific morality tales, presented in glorious black and white, just like the classic stories from “Creepy” and “Eerie” magazines, back in the day.It’s a fun collection of short horror comics, and a fun readl.

This graphic novel ties in with the soon-to-be re-release of the moviie on DVD, and the hard copy release of Canadian punk rocker Buddy Black’s “Chillers” tribute EP, “Wirchfinger.” There will be copkes of the graphic novel, hot off the press from publisher, Tranzfusion, so you can get some of the first copies availalble to the public, and get them signed by authors and cast moembers. If you can’t make it to tnight’s launch party/book signing, keep watching PopCult for news of a screening of the movie, along with a show by Buddy Black, during FestivAll.

Sunday Evening Video: “Blind Date”

Tonight we present the trailer for  “Blind Date,” a short film by James Vernon Brown, starring Sierra Ferrell. This is an example of James’ work for his production company, The Liquid Canvas.  You will see more of James’ work later this week, when Radio Free Charleston 158, which is devoted entirely to the work of James Vernon Brown and The Liquid Canvas goes live.

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