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RFC 83: Mother Nang, Open Mic @ Sam’s Uptown Cafe, Plus Lecherous Servants

Above you see “Silver Surfer Shirt,” the 83rd episode of Radio Free Charleston. In this episode you’ll find new music by Mother Nang as well as footage from the Tuesday Open Mic at Sam’s Uptown Cafe by James Brown, Sierra Ferrell and Patrick Stephens. We also have a Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie.

You also don’t want to miss out on the chance to win a beautiful Danelectro 1963 Reissue Guitar from Route 60 Music and Radio Free Charleston. Our contest, The First Great Guitar Giveaway, is drawing to a close. You have until midnight, September 30 to enter. Watch the show and enter. You’ll fling yourself into a deep depression if you miss the chance to win this fine instrument. If you can’t see the show at the top of this post, follow this link.

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Monday Morning Art: RFC Capitol

Today’s art is a piece I created using parts of some old promotional art for the Radio Free Charleston radio show. That piece, which can be seen here, was done by my brother, Frank. The capitol building is his. The radio antenna and color are mine. This will probably wind up on a business card, eventually. Click to enlarge, and check back Tuesday for RFC 83.

Sunday Evening Video: More From “The Blob”

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Tonight’s video is a collection of scenes shot at a rehearsal for the CYAC musical, “The Blob,” which you still have time to catch next Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater on Summers Street. We featured the song “Duck and Cover” on last week’s Radio Free Charleston, and you’ll see a couple of other tunes from the show in next month’s Halloween special. This clip has EVEN MORE songs from the show, presented in a neat little five-minute package. Enjoy, and go see the show! (If the clip isn’t showing above, check it out here)

Nang Returns, Blob Strikes,Human Flame Runs

The PopCulteer
September 25, 2009

The Return Of The Mother

Mother Nang, one of Charleston’s top alternative bands of the early 1990s is gearing up for a reunion. Friday night, at 8:30 PM at LiveMix Studio, they’re holding an open rehearsal. It’s a BYOB affair for their old friends and fans. They’ll play for about an hour and rekindle the old magic in advance of a full-fledged show to be held sometime in the coming weeks (we’ll have full details on that show as they emerge).

Mother Nang is a four piece made up of Spencer Elliott and Brian Young, currently of the band, Whistlepunk, plus Jay Lukens, who has been seen on Radio Free Charleston as part of The Sleeping Dons, and Deron Sodaro, who plays bass and sings with several bands, including RFC guests VooDoo Katz, Comparsa and The Sleeping Dons. This winning combination of musicians has been secretly rehearsing for much of the summer in preparation for their first official shows together in over fifteen years.

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RFC 82: Blobs, Elephants, Seals, Walruses and Jonathan Glen Wood

Above you see the 82nd episode of Radio Free Charleston. This one’s called “I Love NY Shirt” and features a sweet country tune by Jonathan Glen Wood, two songs from the CYAC musical, “The Blob” (Opening this Thursday at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater) and some very disturbing short films.

You also still have time to enter The First Great Guitar Giveaway courtesy of RFC and Route 60 Music. You could walk away with a beautiful, gold Danelectro 1963 Reissue Guitar. Entering is as easy as sending an email. Watch the show for details. (The contest is now over. Do Not Enter!)

Host segments were shot behind Sam’s Club at Southridge. There’s no real reason for that, other than it being a good excuse to have lunch at Red Lobster.

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Sunday Evening Video: Open Mic @ Sam’s Uptown Cafe

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Every Tuesday night at Sam’s Uptown Cafe, James Brown (who plays with Mr. Friend and The Rabble Rousers) hosts an open mic. I checked it out last week and had a really enjoyable time. Tonight’s video is a sample of that night, as recorded on my digital still camera using the video setting. We’re going back with the RFC camera crew this week to see what we can come up with.

In this clip, you see James andMr. Friend’s Patrick Stephens backing Sierra Ferrell on the Portishead song, “Glory Box.” After that, Patrick treats us to his own tune, “I Speak Spanish To God.” Check it out, and come to Sam’s this week for some great music.

Art Photos & Fuzzy Memories

The PopCulteer
September 11, 2009

Yet another Art Walk is in the books, and as we do each month, we take a look at some of the highlights. So that I can fill up this column with pictures and won’t have to write as many words.

We’ll kick it off our tour of ArtWalk with a trip to Taylor Books. Thats’ work by Jamie Miller you see to the right. On the other side of the “Read More” you can see more photos from Art Walk and some other stuff that may interest you.

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Meet The Beatles on Radio Free Charleston 81

Right above this text (if the internet is working properly) is the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, “Abbey Road Shirt.” This is our second tribute to the Beatles (the first was back on episode 28) and it features performances by Rubber Soul, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, and an animated video by Under The Radar. If you can’t see the show above, check it out at this link.

This episode of the show almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t planned to do a Beatles tribute show, but at the September 5, 2009 No Pants Players show I ran into Rubber Soul’s leader, Mark Scarpelli, and he told me about their upcoming show on September 19, where Rubber Soul is performing all of The Beatles Number One hits. The timing is perfect with all excitment over The Beatles Rockband and their remastered CDs, and I knew I had a couple of great Beatles covers tucked away in my archives, so within ten mnutes, I decided to make episode 81 our second Beatles tribute show.

In addition to a couple of tunes recorded last Wednesday during the Rubber Soul rehearsal, we also have Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, recorded at Taylor Books, and a special performance by Under The Radar, recorded in August 2008 at St. Albans City Park. On top of that, we have a special animated promo for The Beatles Rockband, courtesy of XBox 360.

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Monday Morning Art: Stairwell Falcon Face

Today’s Monday Morning Art is an altered still from the music video I directed for Under The Radar’s version of The Beatles’ classic, “Eleanor Rigby.” I took this one segment of background art, which doesn’t appear on screen all at once, and altered the aspect ratio, added a bit, and subtracted a bit more. You can see the full video later today, when RFC 81 goes live, but after the jump, you can see a snippet.

This is an animated video that I produced in seven hours on Saturday morning. It’s part of our second Beatles tribute episode of RFC, which includes two songs from Rubber Soul (in advance of their big show, performing all the Beatles’ number one hits this Saturday at The Capitol Center Theater) as well as this animated video from Under The Radar and a performance by Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen. Look for it later today. Until then, you can click the image to enlarge.

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