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Song Of The Week: Wild River

On Monday, I told you about going to see Setting Sun at Capitol Roasters. Since then, there have been some changes! Setting Sun has decided to change their name to “The Sleeping Dons.” They’re still the same three great musicians, Sean Richardson, Jay Lukens, and Deron Sodaro, but now they’ve got a NEW AND IMPROVED NAME!

And they were also nice enough to give me this week’s Song. “Wild River” was recorded just last Saturday, at Capitol Roasters on Summers Street. This is just a taste of how great these guys sound. The Sleeping Dons will be at the Vandalia Lounge every Wednesday night in July, so go check them out.



  1. ASpiderNamedBobby

    Turns out Gary Levitt has the name SETTING SUN all to himself. And I wish him well. I have not made contact with him, nor has he contacted me. I am making a polite gesture and moving on with the name, ‘The Sleeping Dons’. This name has been searched up and down and ‘no matches’ have been found…
    Thanks for the wonderful postings lately…We will go back to work in July and look forward to many upcoming events…

    Sean Richardson ‘The Sleeping Dons’

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry! My first few choices were taken too! 🙂

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