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Cemetary Plots, I AM ELEMENTAL, and The Mark Beckner Group

do mannThe PopCulteer
September 23
, 2016

This week, your PopCulteer has been juggling magazine assignments, medical appointments, radio business, and other various and sundry items and has fallen behind a bit in his PopCulting.

Today we’re going to catch up with some of the regular features that we missed this week. Get ready for The PopCult Bookshelf, The PopCuylt Toybox and STUFF TO DO, all rolled into one long post, along with notes on our internet radio programming at The AIR.

The PopCult Bookshelf

cemetery plots cover 2Cemetary Plots #2
Written by Dan Johnson and various
Art by Brandon Bullock and various
Empire Comics Lab

Cemetary Plots is a really fun horror anthology, published independently of Diamond Comics Distributors and as such, is delightfully free of corporate interference.

This twenty-eight page comic book has color covers and black and white interiors and manages to combine the tradition of classic EC Horror Comics with the energy and enthusiasm of the underground comics of the 1970’s.

This is the second issue and like the first, features a horror host, “D.O.Mann” who introduces the stories from his home in River Shore Cemetary.

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Learn Airbrush Technique From A Master

main_fit_300Friday from 6:30 PM to 8:20 PM at Michaels The Arts and Crafts Store at Dudley Farms Plaza in south Charleston, area artists interested in learning how to use an airbrush can take a beginner’s class from Rob “RJ” Haddy, the famed FX make-up artist, seen on several seasons of the SyFy competition show, Face Off, who is a master of this fine art tool, with his own signature line of airbrushes. Tuition for this class is $75, which is a bargain for this kind of comprehensive workshop.

Let’s see what it says on the Eventbrite page: “Join RJ for this incredible 2-hour event where he will take you through the ins and outs of using the external mix  Paasche H airbrush.  In this 2 hour class RJ will be illustrating how to take care of and trouble shoot an airbrush, different kinds and brands of paint, exercises to build your skill with the H, and how to use stencils to create amazing works of art on any thing from paper, to Halloween masks, props, and of course t shirts! Everyone that comes to the class will receive a coupon good for ten dollars off any Paasche product RJ sells.  We will also compare and contrast the two different styles of airbrush single action, and double action, and help you figure out which airbrush is right for you! Please note, the airbrush is not included in the price of this workshop.”

Open to ages 12 and up, RJ’s class is a great introduction to any artist interested in using an airbrush, who wants to learn the basics and try it out before taking the plunge and buying one, and the airbrushes RJ offers for sale are some of the best that you can buy. Micheals is located at 214 RHL Blvd in South Charleston, right next to Books A Million.



A Tribute To Edward Albee Highlights A Full Day of Great Programs on The AIR

2011-03-10_feature_story_6070_6057We have a very special line-up of terrific programming today on The AIR.  Tune in for all-new episodes of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum,The Swing Shift, The Gibby Hunters and a special tribute to Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright Edward Albee, who passed away last Friday.

Wednesday is filled with impressive talk, drama, music and comedy. Listen at the website or on this cool little embedded radio widget…

Today on Curtain Call at 3 PM, instead of the usual assortment of grade-A showtunes, host Mel Larch introduces an excerpt of a BBC Radio production of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Not content to simply bring our listeners an excerpt, tonight from 7 PM to 10 PM we present the entire BBC Radio Production of Albee’s signature play.

NEW AIR LOGO 0082At 1 PM, a new episode of On The Road with Mel looks at the early stages of planning a Thanksgiving Day road trip. At 1:30 PM Michele Zirkle Marcum treats to to a new episode of Life Speaks. At 4 PM on The Swing Shift, your PopCulteer hosts an hour of Swing Music, with wordplay as our theme this week.

The shows mentioned above are joined by new-to-The-AIR editions of Lynn Browder’s Autism Discussion, and The Goon Show. Plus an encore edition this afternoon of The Best of The Real with Mark Wolfe, featuring cult radio legend Jerry Galvin.

Here’s the full line-up of all of today’s great programming on The AIR:

11 AM  The Lynn Browder Show About Autism NEW
Noon Curtain Call with Mel Larch Episode 009
1 PM On The Road With Mel Planning for Thanksgiving Travel NEW
1:30 PM Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum NEW
2 PM The Real with Mark Wolfe with Jerry Galvin
3 PM Curtain Call with Mel Larch Edward Albee Tribute NEW
4 PM The Swing Shift Episode 009 NEW
5 PM The Mystery Hour NEW
6 PM The Goon Show NEW (now one full hour!)
7 PM  Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, presented by The BBC
10 PM The Gibby Hunters NEW
11 PM The Comedy Vault NEW

Join Michele Zirkle Marcum, The Host of ‘Life Speaks’ at Kanawha County Public Library Wednesday

book83_oThe AIR‘s newest personality, Michele Zirkle Marcum, will appear at The Kanawha county Public Library Wednesday at 12:10 PM to talk about her debut novel, Rain No Evil. Based on a true story about the supernatural, this novel features a woman who needs more protection than her police officer husband can provide when a few demons infiltrate her life.

Marcum’s novel has been described by Bram Stoker award winning author Michael Knost as, “Wickedly funny, yet profoundly sincere and thought provoking.” Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the Kanawha County Public Library on Capitol Street in Downtown Charleston. They can also be ordered through her website.

Michele Savaunah Zirkle Marcum is a graduate of Concord College and Marshall Graduate School. After teaching high school for twenty years, she resigned to write full-time. Her weekly column can be found every Tuesday in the Opinion section of Ohio Valley Publishing newspapers.

13880161_1070720283012754_6344661322952426129_nEvery Wednesday at 1:30 PM on The AIR you can hear Michele’s show, Life Speaks, where she talks about the presence of the paranormal in everyday life. A brand-new episode premiere’s on The AIR Wednesday right after her appearance at the Library.

New Music from “M,” Spencer Elliott and HARRAH, Plus A Deep Dive Into The Archives on Radio Free Charleston

rfc 9 20Seems like it’s only been a week, but it’s already time for the Tuesday line-up on The AIR, this week with a fresh installment of Radio Free Charleston as well as encore episodes of  Radio Coolsville and  Six Degrees of Separation featuring The Horse Traders, plus we have an encore of last week’s Radio Free Charleston International.

As is always the case, you can tune in at The AIR website or on this special little embedded radio player widget…

It all kicks off at 10 AM with a brand new Radio Free Charleston, featuring new music from “M” (we told you about her last week), Spencer Elliott, HARRAH and Crazy Jane, and taking a deep dive into our archives of fantastic local music.

We will play local music from 25, 35 and 48 years ago this week on RFC, as well as brand-new and recent stuff.  We have a replay at 10 PM, so you can listen a second time! Just check out the playlist:


M  “Don’t Go To Sleep”
Spencer Elliott  “Torque”
Embracer  “Below”
Keith Hell and The Black Skulls  “I Killed The Lion”
Frank Panucci  “Beam Me Up, Raymond Scotty”
The Rose Garden  “Flower Town”
The Defectors  “Johnny”
Go Van Gogh  “Shut Up I Love You”
Three Bodies  “Shingles and Tar”
No Rain  “Soul For Sale”
Harrah  “King of the Aegean”
David Synn  “Space Gun”
Farnsworth  “Underwater”
Crazy Jane  “Shelly In Summer”

At Noon we bring you a mini-marathon of Ska Madness, to whet your appetite while Dexter Checkers retools his show into a full-hour weekly program. In the meantime, enjoy all four of the half-hour programs. 2 PM sees the debut of a new program on The AIR, The Mystery Hour, about which we can tell you nothing, other than it may go daily some time in the future.

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Monday Morning Art: Under Surveillance

MMA 9 19


We jump-start this week with a digital painting of Under Surveillance, based on my memory and a fuzzy cellphone picture of them playing last Saturday at Valley Park in Hurricane for Frets for Pets, a benefit for New Hope Animal Rescue. A wonderful time was had and we were even treated to a couple of songs from the new album that Under Surveillance will begin recording in just a few weeks. I had a great time. Your PopCulteer hasn’t been able to catch as much live music as usual this year while dealing with my medical misadventures, but despite the heat and humidity, it was loads of fun.

You can learn more about New Hope Animal Rescue HERE, and find out more about Under Surveillance HERE. If you like the image, click it to see a bigger version.

Sunday Evening Videos: RIP C. Martin Croker

14322380_10154515951299710_8808173210311860271_n2016 continues to be brutal in terms of mortality, sadly one of the busiest years for the Grim Reaper. Word broke on Facebook Saturday night that C. Martin Croker, animator and voice artist, died suddenly at his home in Atlanta.

Croker (“Clay” to his friends) was one of the key creators behind Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and was responsible in part for what eventually became Adult Swim. Melanie and I got to meet him a couple of years ago at JoeLanta and he was a humble, charming and funny person who seemed genuinely happy to meet a couple of people who’d been fans of his since the beginning.

Aside from his work as an animator, Clay was also a voice artist, providing the voice of Zorak on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and both Dr. Weird and Steve on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Tonight Sunday Evening Videos remembers C. Martin Croker with some of his most memorable moments…

Ten Years of RFC Flashback: Episode 14

000rfc6602From early 2007, This is an edited version of Radio Free Charleston’s 14th episode, “Spider-man Shirt.” We still cannot find the original version of this show. If we did, we would restore the “Pentagram Flowerbox” cartoon, but we still wouldn’t present the show in an unedited form. I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

As it is, this show includes a terrific vintage music video for Go Van Gogh’s “Shut Up, I Love You,” the most-requested song on the radio incarnation of RFC (that’s a cartoon version of Go Van Gogh at the right–it is not from the video in this show), and Joe Justice’s hilarious short film, “Marvel Jackass,” which is even finnier now, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t exist when this show was first done.

There’s also a LAX cartoon by Frank Panucci, which took the place of Pentagram Flowerbox. Despite all the edits, it’s still a very strong show. If you want the details on our controversy with Pentagram Flowebox, you can read about it here. Since that post, however, the Third Mind Incarnation has shuffled off this plane of existence, and on the way out, asked us to restore his cartoon to the show.

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A Prodigy, A Virtuoso, and Live Music For Pets

60c25a_d77c3348a2b446339926969db4c01054~mv2_d_1295_1275_s_2The PopCulteer
September 16
, 2016

Anybody involved in the local music scene here in Charleston knows Chuck Biel, musician, producer, teacher, mentor, and a man with a keen ear for musical talent. Chuck’s latest discovery is a young lady who goes by the name “M.”

“M” is an eighth grader, a 14 year old who composes vibrant and exciting electronic dance music. She’s been working with Chuck and they have released an EP which you can purchase from CD Baby HERE.

60c25a_d17b3b6ad879463e9ae2eec9d13c6260~mv2“M” does not come from an affluent family. Money is tight and she is determined to pay her own way in pursuing her musical dreams. Chuck is supporting her in this and so are we here at PopCult and on Radio Free Charleston.

You can hear a song from “M”‘s album, This House Condemned, on this week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston (replaying Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 10 AM on The AIR), and another track from her EP will open next week’s show, which you can hear Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM.

Buying her album will help finance the beginning of “M”‘s musical journey. It’s great EDM music and big things seem to be in the cards for this young artiste.

New Spencer Elliott Music

189f4138995aa998c5dd9d6859e55e7dA not-so-young local musical artiste, currently pursuing his musical dreams on an international scale, is my old buddy, Spencer Elliott. Spencer has had a brand new collection of finger style guitar tunes, Unspoken, released by CandyRat Records (you can order it HERE) and he also has a terrific new video which was shot in the gutted remains of B&B Loans on Summers Street. It’s a spectacular video for an amazing piece of music and you can watch it here…

Check Spencer’s page at CandyRat Records for information on how you can buy his new album or the guitar tabulature for his music, should you be masochistic enough to try to duplicate his sound. You can also expect to hear Spencer’s new music on Radio Free Charleston in the coming weeks.

Frets For Pets

1517661_445921742269512_2795459722105428454_nFrets For Pets is a live concert happening Saturday, September 17 a Valley Park in Hurricane West Virginia. Your PopCulteer will have the honor of introducing Under Surveillance (seen right) as they take the stage for the beneift of New Hope Animal Rescue at 6 PM.

The concert is free, but donations will be taken, and rescue animals will be available for adoption at the show. This is a free benefit concert for New Hope Animal Rescue and they ask that you donate pet supplies, toys, food, or cash to New Hope Animal Rescue. Attendees are invited to bring their own furry companions to enjoy the music of Under Surveillance and it’s bound to be a load of fun. The show runs until 8 PM and if you’ve been listening to Radio Free Charleston, you’ve heard Under Surveillance and know how good they sound.

It’s a great cause and will definitely be a good time.

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Enter The Forbidden Gallery

The PopCult Bookshelf

FG01Forbidden Gallery #1
edited by William Mull, with Roger McKenzie
Writers:Ed Devore,Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie, Lou Mougin, William Mull
Artists: Jeff Austin, Sandy Carruthers, Dærick Gröss Sr, Mike Montgomery, Josef Rubenstein, Jack Snider, Paul Tuma, Matt Webb
Published by ACP Comics
$4.99 plus shipping

As you might have noticed over the last few years, I tend to really enjoy comic books that are created outside of the current corporate cookie-cutter climate. Marvel and DC have settled into a comfortable formula, acting as incubators for potential movie franchises. Of late mainstream comics, though printed beautifully with cutting edge production techniques, are for the most part bland and soulless.

Even the smaller companies that sell their books through Diamond Comics Distributors tend to hew to the same formulas to try and compete, albeit on a much smaller scale, and while there are still plenty of good books out there, the vast majority just aren’t any fun anymore.

Luckily there are a lot of comics being produced outside the ultra-competitive comic book store market. These comics often offer throwbacks to classic genres that are no longer considered “commercially viable” by less imaginative corporate comic execs. Using Kickstarter for their start-up capital in some cases, we’ve seen some great recent examples of this like the Charlton Neo movement, The Creeps Magazine and the revival of CarToons Magazine, with the latter two now available nationwide on newsstands.

We can add another brilliantly-executed, fun comic book to the list, with the first issue of Forbidden Gallery, published by ACP Comics. This is the brainchild of Editor/Publisher, William Mull, and Mull gathers together a diverse collection of veteran creators and newcomers to produce a very entertaining horror/adventure anthology.

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