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September 16
, 2016

Anybody involved in the local music scene here in Charleston knows Chuck Biel, musician, producer, teacher, mentor, and a man with a keen ear for musical talent. Chuck’s latest discovery is a young lady who goes by the name “M.”

“M” is an eighth grader, a 14 year old who composes vibrant and exciting electronic dance music. She’s been working with Chuck and they have released an EP which you can purchase from CD Baby HERE.

60c25a_d17b3b6ad879463e9ae2eec9d13c6260~mv2“M” does not come from an affluent family. Money is tight and she is determined to pay her own way in pursuing her musical dreams. Chuck is supporting her in this and so are we here at PopCult and on Radio Free Charleston.

You can hear a song from “M”‘s album, This House Condemned, on this week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston (replaying Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 10 AM on The AIR), and another track from her EP will open next week’s show, which you can hear Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM.

Buying her album will help finance the beginning of “M”‘s musical journey. It’s great EDM music and big things seem to be in the cards for this young artiste.

New Spencer Elliott Music

189f4138995aa998c5dd9d6859e55e7dA not-so-young local musical artiste, currently pursuing his musical dreams on an international scale, is my old buddy, Spencer Elliott. Spencer has had a brand new collection of finger style guitar tunes, Unspoken, released by CandyRat Records (you can order it HERE) and he also has a terrific new video which was shot in the gutted remains of B&B Loans on Summers Street. It’s a spectacular video for an amazing piece of music and you can watch it here…

Check Spencer’s page at CandyRat Records for information on how you can buy his new album or the guitar tabulature for his music, should you be masochistic enough to try to duplicate his sound. You can also expect to hear Spencer’s new music on Radio Free Charleston in the coming weeks.

Frets For Pets

1517661_445921742269512_2795459722105428454_nFrets For Pets is a live concert happening Saturday, September 17 a Valley Park in Hurricane West Virginia. Your PopCulteer will have the honor of introducing Under Surveillance (seen right) as they take the stage for the beneift of New Hope Animal Rescue at 6 PM.

The concert is free, but donations will be taken, and rescue animals will be available for adoption at the show. This is a free benefit concert for New Hope Animal Rescue and they ask that you donate pet supplies, toys, food, or cash to New Hope Animal Rescue. Attendees are invited to bring their own furry companions to enjoy the music of Under Surveillance and it’s bound to be a load of fun. The show runs until 8 PM and if you’ve been listening to Radio Free Charleston, you’ve heard Under Surveillance and know how good they sound.

It’s a great cause and will definitely be a good time.


About That “The AIR” Thing

PC 9 16 airThe AIR, in case you didn’t know (in which case, welcome to your first ever visit to PopCult, please take the time to check out our many other fascinating posts and stories), is our nifty little internet radio station, broadcasting a unique and innovative collection of talk, comedy, and music, music, music. You can listen at The AIR website or on this marvelous and confounding little internet embedded doo-hickey thing…

Today on The AIR, we have a brand new episode of Laugh Appalachia at 9 AM and 9 PM. Following Laugh Appalachia, you can hear encore presentations of On The Road With Mel (West Virginia College Football), Lynn Browder’s Autism program, Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum and The Best of The Real with Mark Wolfe (Douglas Imbrogno and Albert Perrone).

Due to server problems at the Haversham Recording Institute in London, we do not have a new episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat to bring you at 3 PM. To make up for that, we are re-presenting the two most recent episodes of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, staring at 1PM, so from 1 PM to 5 PM, tune in for four hours of pure New Wave music bliss.

From 5 to 7 PM, we’ll bring you two hours of Beatles Blast. At 8 PM, it’s an encore of Radio Free Charleston and then we have our regular Friday evening and overnight programming. And remember, all day long Saturday, you can hear our best music programming including Curtain Call, The Swing Shift, Radio Coolsville, Harrah’s Hard and Heavy, Radio Free Charleston, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, Prognosis, and most weeks, the mysterious and arcane Superfetch Supershow.

That’s it for the PopCulteer this week. Remember to check back for all our regular features and double check this weekend for a bonus edition of the PopCult Toybox which your PopCulteer was too tired to write Wednesday.