gg-atomobloxToday’s toy pick in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide is one of those things that made the list just because it looks so darned cool. Automoblox is a high-quality line of buildable and mixable vehicles that presents an innovative reinvention of the classic wooden toy car, and is a popular favorite because of its imaginative play, creativity and collectability. Any kid, aged four and up, will love these, and so will parents who enjoy wonderfully-designed toys, too.

Each vehicle includes multiple interchangeable components and sports a body made of European beech wood. Kids can play with and collect cool sedans, rugged trucks, sporty vans and more. The more they collect, the more customizing they can do.

Created by designer Patrick Calello, Automoblox hit the market a few years ago, and has grown into a bit of a phenomenon. The original line of larger cars retails for under forty dollars each, while the new Mini line, which offers a really cool-looking assortment of vehicles, sells for under fifteen dollars each. There are also sets with more than one car, because a lot of the fun is the mix-and-match play value.

Automoblox also has a website where kids and collectors can register their cars. There’s even downloadable coloring pages there as well.

You can find Automoblox at toy retailers nationwide, or order them from the Automoblox store. When buying toys for kids, it’s hard to go wrong with really neat toy cars.