gg-georgeI Me Mine: The Extended Edition
by George Harrison
Genesis Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1905662401

Next up in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide we have the “Extended Edition” of George Harrison’s book, I Me Mine. This collection of Harrison’s handwritten lyrics, accompanied by his personal notes and memories of each song, was first released in 1979 as a very expensive limited edition, and then in 1980 as a mass-market hardcover. Any fan of “The Quiet Beatle” will want to own this.

Cherished by fans and collectors, I Me Mine is the closest we will ever come to George Harrison’s autobiography. This new edition has been significantly developed since the 1980 original; now printed in color, and with previously unseen archive material, the book covers the full span of George Harrison’s life and work. It’s much, much larger, in page size and page count, and is one of those books that you can just get lost in.

Featuring George Harrison in conversation with Derek Taylor, I Me Mine delves into everything from Harrison’s upbringing in Liverpool and the growth of early Beatlemania, to his love of India, gardening and racing cars. With over fifty archival photos, Harrison’s words, and his song lyrics, this book offers an insight into the musician’s life, work and philosophy. I Me Mine: The Extended Edition presents the lyrics to 141 George Harrison songs, with handwritten lyrics beautifully reproduced in facsimile, accompanied by Harrison’s uniquely intimate and humorous commentary. This edition has been expanded to include 59 new songs; as well as tracks written for The Beatles, it also contains lyrics from Harrison’s solo career, including his albums All Things Must Pass and Brainwashed.

I Me Mine: The Extended Edition presents for the first time a complete compendium of Harrison’s musical career and his writing. With written contributions from Olivia Harrison and Derek Taylor, new original cover art by Shepard Fairey, and a wealth of previously unpublished material, the new edition is a treasured portrait of George Harrison and his music.

You should be able to find it at any bookseller, or visit Amazon where it’s available at a sizable discount from the list price. There is also a paperback edition, if you’re some kind of cheapskate.  Even if the person you give this to already has the first edition, I Me Mine: The Extended Edition is like a whole new book.