gg-shop-local-01Small Business Saturday happens this weekend, and today’s entry in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide is a strong suggestion that you get out and support our local stores. 100% of every dollar spent with a local retailer stays relatively local. There are all kinds of folks who have cool stuff and gift certificates. If we missed any, please feel free to give ’em a plug in the comments section.

While we’re plugging local merchants, I want to let you know that, at The Bakery, this Sunday, the Arts Flea Market will help raise funds for Charleston Music & Art Collective’s project, creating Charleston’s newest all ages music venue. Vendors will sell arts supplies, music equipment, as well as finished works at the Bakery at 1007 Bigley Ave from 1-7PM. It’s going to loads of fun and you can check out the new performance space while you’re there. The big debut of The Bakery will be the first three days of December, but it’ll be cool to get a feel for the place ahead of time. But that’s Sunday. We still have Small Business Saturday to tell you about.

As we try to do every year, we’ve compiled a list of local merchants who you really ought to patronize this holiday season: Last year we told you about Oddbird Gift Emporium on Capitol Street. They’re still stocked to the rafters with cool gift ideas. Other cool area merchants you can support are Art Emporium,Collage, Stray Dog Antiques, The Purple Moon, Taylor Books, Sullivan’s Records, Budget Tapes & Records, plus Kid Country Toys and Eclectics, and the other Bridge Road shops.

gg-shop-local-02Over on the West Side of Charleston, you might want to check out Elk City Records for your jazz vinyl needs, and around the corner, Kin Ship Goods and Base Camp Printing have pleny of unique apparel and paper gifts to offer, respectively.

Heading back to the heart of Downtown, you’ll also want to hit up Taylor Books and Capitol Market for even more great gift ideas. Most of the books I recommend in the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide can be ordered through Taylor Books, simply by using the ISBN number. Don’t forget Charleston Bread, either, for the gift of tasty bread and cookies and cake and stuff.

The main thing is to get out there and shop local. I know it’s convenient to click away, and lord knows I’ve included tons of online-only items in the Gift Guide, but the local touch means so much more, and you make your immediate world a better place. The 2017 PopCult Gift Guide will return with a couple of posts Saturday, and our Cyber-Monday guide on Sunday, and then we’ll be back to three great gift ideas per day on Monday.

And don’t forget this Sunday at the Bakery…