For the next week or two we are moving into the future on The AIR by looking at the past. I’ll explain below, but in the meantime, you can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

This is ToyLanta week, and your loyal PopCulteer has to make his way down South to Atlanta, Georgia to take part in the action figure festivities. The big show kicks off this Friday, but yours truly and his lovely bride like to meander down and enjoy the sights on our way.

This means that all the PopCult posts you’ll be reading for the next eight or nine days have been lovingly prepared for you in advance in the fine kitchens of Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor, and have been flash-frozen and stashed away, to be retrieved, popped in the microwave, and plopped on your plate to enjoy while I’m otherwise occupied. I do promise that PopCult will have fresh content every day, but I have a little leeway as to what exactly “fresh” means when it comes to blogging.

Our prolonged absence also means that our sister internet station, The AIR, will be airing encore performances of our most-acclaimed, award-winning episodes of our programs. These programs have all been laboratory-tested to aid in the battle against depression, irritability and broadcasters who interrupt their programming for fundraising. You won’t get any of that on The AIR, just good, old-fashioned reruns of quality programming because we don’t want to try to do new episodes of all our shows while we’re on vacation.

Check out this here little widget to see our schedule, and tune in to hear what all the fuss was about…when these shows first aired.