For our fifth birthday in 2011, Radio Free Charleston attempted the impossible. We recorded 12 performances in two days, combined them with animation and film, and had the show posted two days later. Clocking in at an hour, ten minutes, RFC 141 brings you music from Mother Nang, HarraH, 600 lbs of SIN, Linework, Holy Cow, Andy Park and The Kountry Katz, Holy Cow Jeff Ellis and Sasha Colette, Disturbing The Peace, Stacee Lawson and Remains Un Named. You’ll also get to see a music video for Pepper Fandango, directed by Eamon Hardiman. Dumpstar Productions brings us “Celebritol.” We have a trailer for Diana Curry’s film, “Creature Of The Night.” Frank Panucci provides us with the short film, “Magical Car Keys” and two pieces of animation, “No Running” and “Blue Dome.”

It was a pretty epic show.

Welcome to PopCult, the home of Radio Free Charleston! Since many of you folks are new viewers who just read about RFC for the first time in the Sunday Gazette-Mail Outlook on the Arts supplement, all day today we are re-posting some of our favorite episodes of our showwcase for local music, art film and animation. Enjoy!. Visit our Facebook Page for more information!