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A week without reading

The PopCult Bookshelf 

This week the PopCult Bookshelf is bare. Your PopCulteer didn’t have any time to read any books, or even comics during the last week, as special projects, production of RFC 183 and Tricon took up all of our spare time.

However, we do have several cool books lined up for future installments, such as biographies of Howard Kaylan and “The Beatle Who Vanished.” We’ll also be diving back into a pile of comics and graphic novels.

If you are a publisher or author, and would like to submit a book for review here in PopCult, just drop an email to me at Our focus is on Pop Culture-related topics, or local interest, but I’m open to just about anything. Previous book reviews in PopCult have boosted sales on the books featured by almost dozens.

We promise to be back to normal next week. It’s not like the school board cut our funding or anything.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    That am one heck of shelf. Be proud!

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