The PopCulteer
June 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon In The Theater

Sunday afternoon a benefit to help send Liz McCormick to Interlochen, a six-week film study course, will be held at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater on Summer’s Street in Charleston. Liz is a very talented Capitol High School student, and you may remember her from the recent Halloween and April Fool’s episodes of Radio Free Charleston. In addition to music, food and a screening of Liz’s films, a silent auction will be held, and that will include three pieces by yours truly–the first time my art has been up for auction since 1990. You can see tiny versions of my contibutions to the right. Word is that there will be work by real artists for sale, too.

The top piece, “Looking Through More Wires” is an 18″ x 18″ aluminum print. The middle piece, “Imaginary Flowers,” is 28″ x 20 and is a print on archival plastic. The bottom piece, “Spewtube 2″ is 28″ x 28”, printed on archival plastic. These works will never again be printed in this size on the media presented here. Also none of my pieces are framed, so that’ll be up to the buyer to handle.

The benefit runs from 2 PM to 4 PM and there is no admission, but donations are welcome. It should be a great time, since it’s also Liz’s 18th birthday! There will be plenty of CYAC people around and everyone who wants to support young talent should come out and give Liz a boost. She’s one of the most talented kids I’ve met in years and it’s going to be real exciting to watch her grow as a filmmaker and performer in the future.

D2ality Tonight @ The Convenience Store

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The above clip is our 90 second art show version of “Duality: High Contrast Art.” Friday June 12 you can meet the artists at The Convenience Store, 172 Summers Street from 5 PM to 7 PM. You can also see this as part of Radio Free Charleston 72. The show runs until June 21.

Saturday In The Park

This just in from Joseph Henry, lead singer and keyboard player for OVADA, the lead musical guest on next week’s Radio Free Charleston:

“OVADA will be at the Kanawha City Village Fair with Reflections of Judy this Saturday @ 3:00 pm where the old ballpark used to be. Be sure to wear something red.”

Get that? One of the coolest new bands to pop up in recent times (and that’s saying a lot, because RFC has been swimming in a sea of great bands lately) is performing Saturday afternoon at the site of the old Watt Powell Park at 3 PM. This is a great chance to check out a way cool new band.

Great Guitar Giveaway

Next week in RFC we begin The First Great Guitar Giveaway, in conjunction with our friends at Route 60 Music. We’re really excited that Paul Calicoat and the good folks at Route 60 Music are giving away such a cool guitar, and it will coincide with our big third anniversary, coming up July 1.

You’ll have to watch Radio Free Charleston for a special code word that you can then enter on the Route 60 Music website for a chance to win a Danelectro 1963 Reissue electric guitar, like the one shown at right. The contest will kick off June 18, and will run for one month. You’ll see the guitar presented to the winner in a special episode to be filmed at Route 60 Music in July.

Drive To 75: Episodes Nine and Ten.

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It’s a double-shot today, since technical issues prevnted us from posting our archive show yesterday. Above, you see Radio Free Charleston’s ninth episode, “Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Batman Shirt”. This show features Stephen Beckner and Mother Nang. You will also see “Hell For Turkeys,” and an old public domain cartoon, which takes the place of Pentagram Flowerbox in this re-edited show. You can read the production notes here.

Below is episode ten, “Captain Action Shirt,” with music from The Sleeping Dons and The HeyDays.You can read the original production notes for this one right here!

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Cool Comic Of The Week Is Missing

It will return with a double-shot next week. Computer issues have truncated this edition of The PopCulteer. In PopCult next week: The Drive To 75 continues; Monday Morning Art will be here; and Radio Free Charleston 73, with OVADA and The First Great Guitar Giveaway will debut. Also, visit the Gazz multimedia page, where our recent episodes have returned from cyber-oblivion! It turns out that they had fallen off the Gazette servers and had rolled behind the refrigerator.