the-real-rfc-041615The PopCulteer
April 24, 2015

Since we are not operating at full capacity here at PopCult Central this week, let’s take a moment to pause and update some of the stuff we’ve written about lately.

Rudy on The Real

Last week I appeared as a guest on Mark Wolfe’s new internet radio show, The Real, over at New Appalachian Radio. We had a lot of fun talking about random weird stuff and Amish Mafia, and Mark’s sidekick, Steven Allen Adams, has a cool set of notes about the show online now. You can listen to the show at the Voices of Appalachia archive site.

Last night, Mark and Steve welcomed Danny Boyd to the show, and if that turns up in Steve’s notes in time, I’ll link to it right HERE. Next week’s guest is scheduled to be Hizzonner, Charleston’s mayor, Danny Jones. That should be a very entertaining show, especially if Mark gets another parking ticket before then.

Bizarre TV Debuts an Indie Film


All weekend long, Bizarre TV will debut a new indie film, Music Store Massacre by Gordy Price and Robert Sebold. Murder, mayhem and evil run wild in a seemingly innocent music store, chock full of instruments…of TERROR. Check out the probably not safe for work trailer after the jump…

You can see Music Store Massacre Friday April 24th at 7 PM, Saturday April 25th at 9 PM and Sunday April 26th at 5 PM on Bizarre TV, located conveniently on your Roku device. If you don’t have a Roku device, then you should go over to Mark Wolfe’s house. I just hooked his up earlier this week.

More Stuff To Do

I already told you about the Old School Convention in Saint Mary’s, but there’s other stuff going on in and around town.









That’s it for this week. With luck, we’ll be back to normal next week. Who knows, they may even decide to acknowledge us in print for the first time this year.