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Cool Toy Of The Week: Mothman and Flatwoods Monster Playset

David and Sun Min, creators of the Uglydoll toys, are launching the UMA SUPERMARKET TOY SERIES of polybagged, offbeat toys made to look like the kind of stuff you find hanging on the pegs at supermarkets.  Their first offering in this series of toys will be the Mothman vs The Flatwoods Green Monster playset.  That’s right, they’re kicking off this new toy line with a Mountain State connection! 

From the press release: “This is our first plastic self produced toy.
You know those toys at the super market? There’s the farm set, dinosaur set, cowboy set etc. But never a UFO/Cryptozoology set!
Why? What are they trying to hide!??? And why is the pig always larger than the COW?!! Why no UFO super market toys?!

Well now there is!!!

This special header card/baggie set includes Mothman,
the Flatwoods Monster (the green monster as he is called in some parts) and the tree and fence the eye witnesses saw Flatty
standing near that dark and oily night! ”

The Mothman vs. Flatwoods playset will sell for $12.95 and will be released March 1, 2008 at specialty shops nationwide.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see these at Hot Topic, either.  I want one. You know that you do, too.


  1. Elvis Capone

    These are items to be coveted, even if they are overpriced by about 1300%.

    Yet, UGLYDOLL has missed the boat. Its first offering would have been much more appealing if was based on the NIGHT BREEN AND FLAME SKULL characters from 1960s SUPERMAN comics. You may remember the scenario in which these characters existed: Superman would occasionally vacation with Batman’s buddy Robin (I never figured that one out) in the bottled city of Camden. Camden was the last surviving city of Superman’s home planet Krypton, shrunk to microscopic size by robotic arch-villain Brian Eniak, who placed the city in a cork-stoppered bottle with XXX scrawled on the side. Superman kept the bottle containing the miniature city filled with microscopic Kryptonians in his closet. Anyway, when he visited there with Robin, they had to get shrunk. For the heck of it, he and Robin fought crime in Camden as NIGHT BREEN and FLAME SKULL. They had li’l short-pants costumes and stuff. It was so cute. These characters could have served as the basis of toys more universally recognized than Moth Person and Flat Woods. I defy you to disagree with me!

  2. Bella Donna

    Ah yes, yet another question for the eternal sci-fi debates.

    Who would win in a fight–Mothman or the Flatwoods Monster? Discuss.

  3. Hoagy

    Mothman would, he’s a harbinger of disaster, apparently, so I say Mothy. 🙂

  4. xsasazxzy


    just because moth man is a harbinger of disaster does not mean that he causes them.

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