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Cool Video Of The Week: DEVO Does Jimi

It’s a cool week here at PopCult. We’re looking forward to the opening Friday of “300” in theaters. You can read my article about the career of Frank Miller, upon whose graphic novel the movie is based, right here. But that’s not the only cool thing going. We have a triumverat of “Cool Things” this week. Our cool video, a cool toy, and a cool concert.

First up, the cool video…this is a rare video by DEVO. It’s a cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Are You Experienced.” Because of the Hendrix estate withholding permission, this video has not yet been released on DVD. You can see it right here.



  1. Elvis Capone

    My favorite story about Hendrix is the time Josh Allen Elders, President Clinton’s surgeon general who was eventually forced to resign for endorsing whack-offery, tried to relate to youth by referring to him as “Jiminy Hendrickson”.

    As for DEVO, it remains, as always, teh r0xx0rz.

    Q: Are we not meant to be bitten by were-DEVO?

    A: No spill blood!

  2. Kathy Stover

    you just HAD to take us back to 1984, didn’t you? GOD, we’re old. Kathy

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