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Image5The first-ever repeat guest on The RFC MINI SHOW, Farnsworth has recently added bassist extraordinaire, Aaron Fisher to their line-up. Aaron joins Chris Vance and Jason Reese in a performance captured July 18, 2015 at The Empty Glass.

When I first started The RFC MINI SHOW back in 2013 as a way to post fresh music in the weeks when we didn’t do a full episode of Radio Free Charleston, my goal was to do fifty shows without repeating a single guest. We managed to hold out until episode 63. We chose a band that has a solid sound and keeps evolving musically. No doubt about it, Farnsworth Rocks!

Recording engineering was by Jason “Roadblock” Robinson, while the audio mix was by yours truly. Our three-camera shoot employed Lee Harrah, Melanie Larch,  and Rudy Panucci. Jamie Skeen was on hand with two additional camera angles that will probably show up in a future episode of Radio Free Charleston. Our host segment was shot in front of the as-yet-uncompleted bridge to Coonskin Park in Mink Shoals.