Our next pick in the Gift Guide is a cool litle patch designed by Charleston Actor/Musician/Artist Ann Magnuson, inspired by her conversation with David Scott, one of the Astronauts who walked on the moon. It comes with a download of her song, “I Met An Astronaut.” The patch reads “Endlessly Fulfilling,” which was his description of what it was like to walk on the moon.

Ann also asked me to pass this along, “Tell Folks I’m also working on some special handmade “hillbilly stash bags” for the Xmas shopping season. They will feature the patch and other homemade sewing touches my grandmother taught me -when I was a kid spending summers in Morgantown (where she lived.) A good stocking stuffer and perfect for stashing whatever it is that makes one feel Endlessly Fullfiled’”

You can order the patch and song, and eventually find the “hillbilly stash bags” at her Bandcamp page, where the price is very reasonable for a cool memento from our space program. You can also find some of her other solo albums there as physical copies or downloads.

You can hear the song in this week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston (It’s the first track), and you can follow an Instagram account for #endlesslyfulfilling that shows the patch in various nature settings.

It’s a great gift for fans of Ann, or fans of Astronauts and the space program.