Figures Toy Company

Our next recommendation in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide is for the nostalgic action figure collector on your list who grew up in the 1970s. It’s also a great place to shop for any fan of DC Comics, KISS, The Three Stooges or classic Hanna Barbera characters.

If the adult action figure collector on your list is pushing (or pulling) 50, you may want to visit Figures Toy Company, who are currently creating an insane amount of MEGO-style 8-inch action figures. Their bread-and-butter are their DC Comics figures, and the offshoot Classic Batman TV Show figures, but they also create 8 and 12-inch figures of KISS, Evel Knievel  The Three Stooges and several other pop culture icons.

In addition to that, they also make wrestling action figures in the same scale as the popular WWE figures. You can find Ring of Honor figures of A.J. Styles and Kevin Steen (Owens) from before they joined WWE, and several independent and legendary wrestlers.

But the real meat of the Figures Toy Company website is the ReMEGO style stuff. Not only can you get classic DC Comics figures (tons of ’em), you can also get carrying cases and reproductions of the MEGO Batmobile, BatCycle and Mobile Bat-Lab plus a deluxe BatCave playset. . Of late FTC has really beefed up their line-up of less familiar DC Characters, creating cool 8-inch figures of The Creeper, Swamp Thing,Kalibak, Desaad and more. Fans of Hanna Barbera’s adventure cartoons can find figures of Jonny Quest, Birdman, The Galaxy Trio and of course, Scooby Doo and the gang.

FTC has also released sub-sets of DC Comics characters, with a focus on the Batman TV Show, The Superfriends cartoon, The Teen Titans, The Shazam characters and more.

You can also find figures of the group, KISS, in several different outfits, depicting different album covers. If you want to go old-school and give your giftee their gift a little early, they even have a ReMEGO style Santa and Mrs. Claus.

If you have a MEGO collector (or indie wrestling fan) on your shopping list, Figures Toy Company is the place to go.