Todd McFarlane’s RAW 10 Figures
$9.99 to $19.99, exclusively at Walmart

I first told you about this cool new action figure line back in July. Now this Walmart-exclusive line has hit stores and is also available online, and I’ve gotten my hands on them. They are extremely impressive for the price.

Recommended for kids and adult collectors, this line of four action figures (so far) takes the concept of wild animals and combines with robotics to create some really cool-looking new monster figures.

Toy and Comics impressario, Todd McFarlane has struck a deal with Walmart to sell a line of toys based on characters who first appeared in his comic book series, Spawn. Cy-Gor, a cybernetic gorilla was the result of experiments done on an Army buddy friend of Al Simmons, before he became the avenging undead superhero known as “Spawn.”

This is not Cy-Gor’s first appearance as a toy, but now he’s the star figure in a line of cybernetic animal hybrids with human minds, known as RAW 10.

McFarlane and the award-winning McFarlane Toys’ design team have created a brand-new toy line and online comic series for creature and monster fans of all ages. This is a delightfully cheesy B-movie concept executed in glorious plastic that reminds me of some of the acid-trip toys we had back in the 1960s. The figures are top-notch with decent articulation for the price.

The price is a strong selling point. There are four figures. Two cost twenty bucks each, and two cost ten bucks each, so you can collect the entire first series for sixty bucks.

With a robotic gorilla, shark, raptor and cobra, you get a great mix of monster animals that can interact with your other action figures. These guys even play well with 1/6 figures…or so I’m told.

Robot animals gone wild–who can resist that? You can order these from Walmart, and if you get the whole set, you might be able to get free shipping.