wild 02Last year I wrote about a really cool new line of twelve inch outdoor adventure figures called Wild Adventure.  When I reviewed them, they were only available online at Target.com.  Now you can find them at other online retailers, they’ve turned up in isolated and random Toys R Us stores, and locally, you can find them on the shelves at Cabela’s (note that you can save a few bucks if you buy them online, unless Cabela’s decides to run a sale before Christmas).

The Wild Adventure line is made by Blue Box International. This is of note because it had been nearly a decade since Blue Box International had produced any affordable 1/6 scale action figures for the mass market. This line is basically an assortment of hunters (with one fisherman) decked out in woodland camo with tons of accessories. There are five different kinds of outdoorsy-guys from which you may choose. Except for the fisherman, all of them have some kind of firearm, so you might not want to give these to the children of pacifists (or you might find it really funny to do that).

wild 01The body is less articulated that previous Blue Box International figures but is still more than adequate for most customizers and collectors. Boots are molded on. Two of the figures have molded on gloves. I don’t know how compatible the removable boot/feet are with other companies offerings. There are sixteen points of articulation, with standard ball and socket elbow joints, a simple swivel at the waist, and double-ganged knee joints which are limited in range somewhat by the bulkiness of the legs.

Recommended for kids who like large action figures or adult collectors who want something a little less military in their collection.