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July 3, 2015

It’s the big 4th of July holiday weekend and as a result, this week’s PopCulteer is going to be lazy and not have much content in it.

We do want to alert you that Monday, the 9th Anniversary episode of Radio Free Charleston will premiere here in PopCult, with music from The Company Stores, Speedsuit, Volt 9000, and more, plus a web series trailer by Ann Magnunson and animation. We’ll tell you all about that in the production notes Monday morning.

You may have noticed this year that we did not do a big FestivALL wrap up here in PopCult. That’s because we didn’t go to much of it. Basically, your PopCulteer attended Ann Magnunson’s show and ArtWalk and didn’t make it out to anything else. There was no sinister reason behind this. The first weekend of FestivALL, we traveled to the Marx Toy Convention and had loads of fun, which we told you about HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The second weekend, we were playing catch-up with other assignments and taking it easy. So for the first time since the very first FestivALL, the PopCult/RFC cameras did not roam Capitol Street during the Art Fair. This will give absence a chance to make the heart grow fonder and we will likely return next year to capture some of the cool street performances.

Ian's cool FestivALL piece

Ian’s cool FestivALL piece

Luckily, I did happen to wander by Ian Bode as he was working on his big FestivALL painting and even though I was barely a presence at FestivALL this year, he included me standing next to the giant bust of John Hodgeman. It’s always an honor to be included in one of Ian’s pieces.

Having built up your anticipation for next week’s cool stuff, let’s take a look at a sparsely-populated holiday weekend STUFF TO DO…

Free Music

I’m sure there’s more cover free music than this happening this weekend, but nobody’s bothered to tell anyone. Friday night, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and the Ryan Kennedy Trio will be Live On The Levee at Haddad Riverfront Park starting at 6:30 PM. At 8:00 PM, Marshall Petty will be at the Fifth Quarter.

Sunday evening, we’re looking forward to this…







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I know that there’s more stuff than this happening, with shows scheduled for The Blue Parrot and The Monkey Barrel all weekend, but this is all that we have handy graphics for as we go to publish.

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. We will have a special RFC flashback tomorrow and all our regular features. Enjoy your 4th of July holiday. Don’t blow up anything that doesn’t need blowin’ up.