bizarrojimmy2The PopCulteer
August 18 , 2017

Bizarro World

PopCult tries to remain free of politics, and sometimes we fail. It’s hard not to comment on things when, locally, Republicans have proven that they have a total inability to govern sensibly, and have been rewarded for that by being stuck with a party switch by the most embarrassing politician in West Virginia since A. James Manchin went on network TV to rail against the Garbage Pail Kids.

Meanwhile, Bizarro Lex Luthor currently resides in the White House where he evidently begins each day spending two hours on the toilet Tweeting the craziest things imaginable. He can’t even bring himself to condemn the KKK or Nazis. That’s why his disapproval ratings are soaring to 60%, which is unprecedented.

Your PopCulteer is going to try to give you a place where you can escape the madness and reassure yourself that there are still cool things in the world that you can use to distract yourself cheerfully from the coming apocalyptic nightmare. So except for next week’s Monday Morning Art, I will endeavor to stick with that approach.


12509362_10153507264929601_8081861801564709421_nAugust has been a particularly cruel month and PopCult must send its condolences to our friend, Mitch O’Connell, “The World’s Best Artist” and the world’s nicest guy, who’s young wife, Alyson Vetter, passed away this week of natural causes. This is heartbreaking because Mitch had such a short time with Alyson, his muse and ideal woman.

I met Mitch back in the 1980s when I was a wallflower comic book writer/artist at a convention, and he made me feel like part of the gang. Twenty years later he found me on MySpace and I was just stunned that he remembered me at all. Mitch has been published worldwide and created the “Trump: They Live” image that was the most-pirated drawing of 2016. He has allowed us to run many of his pieces here in PopCult over the years.

Our heart goes out to Mitch, Alyson and their young son, Aiden.

Stunt Programming On The AIR

air-7-5-17This weekend we have some special programming on The AIR, which you can listen to at the website, or on this cool little embedded radio player…

Saturday, from 7 AM to 7 PM, it’s New Wave Music Galore as we run a marathon of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. Sydney Fileen curates two hours of the finest music of the New Wave era each Friday at 3 PM, and the plan is to have new episodes starting in September. This marathon (with a bonus show at 9 PM) will give you a chance to catch up.

Sunday, from 11 AM to 5 PM, we’re running a whole bunch of episodes of The Third Shift, with Jay and Jarod. This is man-talk about booze, babes and brew and more. You can hear an hour of The Third Shift every Friday at 9 PM.

We also have special programming on Monday and Tuesday next week. We’ll tell you about that when we get there, okay?

Tiki Adventure

about_imageA few weeks ago I told you guys my deep, dark secret, that I am a Tiki Poser! Very soon, your PopCulteer will be returning to Chicago and my wife and I will venture deep into the inner sanctum of one of the most-respected Tiki Bars in the country, Three Dots and a Dash.

We have been assured that they have non-alcoholic offerings, and there are some things on the menu that I can eat. If I can smuggle in a camera, I’ll bring back photographic evidence. Stay tuned.

That is this week’s PopCulteer. Please check back for our regular features and for news on our special programming on The AIR next week.