rfci-1-19Radio Free Charleston International comes full circle this week on The AIR.

You can hear RFC International, the show where your PopCulteer, Rudy Panucci, gets to play whatever music he wants, Thursday at 3 PM at The AIR website, or right here, on the embedded player…

In a special show that took way too much time to program, your humble host and PopCulteer brings you two hours of music where every song has something to do with the song that comes after it. Your challenge is to figure out just exactly what that is. It might be that the two songs are written by the same person, or share a producer, or a member of one band produced the song by another. It might be a tenuous connection, like both musical artists appearing on the same television show, or it might be a rock-solid tie, like two groups that share members.

Some of the songs you’ll hear in Radio Free Charleston International this week are by cutting-edge underground artists, some of them are from ultra-hip cult artists, while other tunes are by high-profile artists and may have been major hit records. But every song has something in common with the next.

At the end of the show, you get to hear me come in and ad-lib a six-minute explanation, in one take, of how each song ties into the next.

If you want to get a head start on trying to figure it out first, here’s the playlist:

Nu Tra  “Superhuman”
The Aquabats  “The Controller”
Oingo Boingo  “Change”
Strawberry Alarm Clock  “Dear Joy”
Surf Punks  “Welcome To California”
Size 14  “Superbabe 2000”
Pink Floyd  “In The Flesh”
Paul McCartney  “On The Way”
The The  “This Is The Day”
Rip Rig and Panic  “Sunken Love”
Madness  “The Liberty of Norton Folgate”
Suggs  “I’m Only Sleeping”
Alice Cooper  “Eleanor Rigby”
Hollywood Vampires  “Come and Get It”
Badfinger “Baby Blue”
Todd Rundgren  “Terra Firma”
XTC  “Dear God”
Shriekback  “Nemesis”
The Veils “Lavina”
Julie Cruse  “Falling”
Sparks “I Predict”
FFS  “Johnny Delusional”
Franz Ferdniand  “Take Me Out”
The Cardigans and Tom Jones  “Burning Down The House”
The Firm  “Satisfaction Guaranteed”
DEVO “Communication Break Up”

You can hear Radio Free Charleston International Thursday at 3 PM, Friday at 7 AM and 10 PM, Saturday at 11 AM, Sunday at 1 AM and Tuesday at 11 PM. That’s plenty of chances for you to catch this week’s show, which would be nice, because I could have put together five shows in the amount of time it took me to do this one. .