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It’s Halloween! Production notes for the first of our two-part Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special!

We’ve got quite the Halloween treat for you, as we present the first half of our Halloween special. I’m not going to go into great detail about the host segments this time, except to say that I start out evil, and end up dead. We’re still working out how to shoot around that “dead” part for the second half of the RFC Halloween special. Suffice to say, fans of the ghoulish will not want to miss this stranger-than-usual episode of Radio Free Charleston.

The music is top-notch! We have our first returning band, Whistlepunk, with the holiday-appropriate “Vampire Love Song.” You can read more about Whistlepunk here, here, and here, and visit their MySpace page, here.

Our other musical guest is The Concept, one of Charleston’s most energetic new bands. I found out about these guys by reading Nick2’s Localmusic blog here at Nick was raving about how good these guys are, and when I followed the link to their MySpace page, I found that I agreed. Then I started pestering them to come on the show, and they did. It’s very short notice, but you can catch The Concept tonight at The MonkeyBar in Huntington, and Saturday at Dave’s Den in Red House.

We also have public service announcements, animation (including a new Pentagram Flowerbox) and a fleeting glimpse of Captain Action! You can watch the first half of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween special (official name: “DEVO Shirt”) by clicking here. Then go back and watch all the other episodes at the GazzTV page.

Here’s a quick preview:

Radio Free Charleston Show 7 Trailer

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  1. Longtime Listener

    Oh man, a cliffhanger! Great show! Good to see Whistlepunk again, and The Concept sounded great. Pentagram Flowerbox really cracked me up this time, too.

    Can’t wait ’til next week!

  2. Mexican Romeo

    More good stuff. Great bands and cool weird stuff. Hope you feel better after being dead soon. Looked like quite a fall.

  3. M Daddykin

    Well, that was a better wake-up call than my usual double-strong java. I hope that Rudy being “killed” isn’t a way to replace him as host. It wouldn’t be Radio Free Charleston without Rudy. Put my mind at ease.

    The music and cartoons are great, but then you already knew that.


  4. Guitar God In Training

    boy oh boy new music! cool stuff this time. good to see some younger bands gettin the rub. hope your not really teh dead.

  5. Dawg

    Cool show, but U need more blood. Rocking bands, brah. Go with Christ.

  6. Anonymous

    You should have Mister Cartoon on the show

    Is he still alive? I don’t know if he has a band.

  7. Anonymous

    Dude, Mister Cartoon would effin’ ROCK!!!!!

    I think he does death metal now, in a band called “Sleepy Jeffer’s Nuts”

    Fun show. Needs more toys and boobs.

  8. Anonymous

    Praise Bob!

  9. Anonymous

    Fantastic show. Too bad your comments wouldn’t work for the last two days. A bunch of folks I work with wanted to tell you how cool it is.

  10. a different anonymous

    Great bands and cartoons, but I don’t think Captain Action really sounds like that. When are the bands playing out next? Those guys would make a great double bill.

  11. Mountain Woman p.h.d.

    Another good show. Nice “evil” look this time. Is that the youngest band you’ve had on the show yet? Pentagram Flowebox was really funny this time out. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the next show. Back from the dead, maybe?

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