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Monday Morning Art: Extremely Assaulted Photograph

This week, we kick off the week with an example of what can happen when the digitally-assaulted photographic process goes a little overboard.

Looking at the picture, you probably can’t tell that it was ever even a photograph. If you did, you probably think it’s a close-up of germs or something, taken under a microscope. It isn’t. The picture at the right? “It’s A Tree.” I took the original photo in my front yard.

Click the title if your taste is impaired enough to want to buy it. Or look here for more.

Click to enlarge.


  1. Rudy Panucci

    Before anyone else mentions it, yes, it does sort of look like space vomit.

  2. Anonymous

    Once I ate Quaker’s Oat Meal, then I went on a ride at a carnival. I got sick.

    Despite my best efforts, I could not squelch my regurgitate.

    You mention “space vomit”. It may be apt.

    My vomit did indeed exist in space, although not of the outer variety. It was sprayed along a trailer, on top of a painting extolling the virtues of a woman – a curiously hirsute woman.

    The gap-toothed, diseased-looking, unschooled workers at the carnival cursed me. In that I am less than proficient in the patois of the genetically doomed, their insults were somewhat less than comprehensible. I think they referred to me as a vagina. I gots me a dong, so I was hurted by them comments.

    The world is a horrible place. I will exit it at 3:16 tomorrow afternoon. Razor bladez rule!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous


    Jesus would never throw up.


    Bob throws up only after having some skank frop.

    You decide…

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