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Kickstart West Virginia Puns With A Side Order of Braxxie!

First off, apologies to my readers and to the folks behind this Kickstarter campaign.  I meant to plug this fun project the week before last, but power outages, technical issues and summer Myasthenia Gravis doldrums prevented me from doing so until now. This campagin has about a week left to run, and is only about half-way to its goal, so please consider supporting it, and do it quick.

Christmas Eve In The Mountain State

Due to be out in time for the holidays is Christmas Eve In The Mountain State, a pun-filled storybook about West Virginia, written by Marly Hazen Ynigues, The Pun Poet of West Virginia, and illustrated by Emily Prentice. The book promises playful puns for all 55 counties plus dozens of cities and towns, big and small.

As a life-long West Virginian, and a fan of truly bad puns, this storybook is right up my alley. Our state certainly has enough strange place names to work with, and Marly Hazen Ynigues really makes the most of them. This is one of those books that fun for kids, but probably just as much fun for adults to read to kids.

Check out the video…

As it says on the Kickstarter page:

Join West Virginians and expats drawn home for the holidays. Young mountaineers and recent transplants have opportunities to learn while family and friends invite them to participate in what makes the Mountain State charming, welcoming, and unforgettable. Welcoming illustrations depict rural and urban Mountain State scenes and West Virginian diversity of ages, races, ability, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

This is the first storybook by pun poet Marly Hazen Ynigues of Morgantown, joyfully illustrated by Emily Prentice of Elkins, with an audiobook artfully narrated by Joshua Singleton of Grafton. Marly and Emily were two of the cofounders of 304 Day in 2018, an annual holiday celebrating West Virginia DIY arts and the idea that every mountaineer can create. 304 Day’s slogan: “March Forth, West Virginia!” 

You can learn more about the project on FACEBOOK .  Rewards for this campaign include the audiobook, the print copy of the storybook, the chance to donate a copy to a library and  book plus a crochet Braxxie, the famed Braxton County Monster, as seen in the book (photo below).  Find the campaign HERE.


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