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Let Loose The Foam Darts Of War!

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Kids and adults alike have been cooped up in their homes for months now (if they’re smart), and the stress of the quarantine is building. Families are confined together. Conflicts can arise. Nerves are stretched to the breaking point. People are walking on eggshells, and any second can push people over the edge and make them snap.

People need a release. Something…anything…to break the tension.

If it comes down to open warfare, why not do it as safely as possible, with foam dart guns?

The X-SHOT Crusher is a new player on the scene, a foam dart blaster with a 35-dart belt, described by the manufacturer as “the ultimate beast.” Wearing proper eye protection, kids and adults can empty their weapons at each other and then laugh about it afterward.

This epic dart blaster, with brightly-colored sci-fi styling and a very reasonable price features a 35-dart rotating barrel that can shoot up to 90 feet. Powered by load handle pump-action, the X-SHOT Crusher offers two styles of blasting: Single shot or “Slam-Fire Modus” which enables you to fire up to four darts per second.

Over a foot high and almost 28 inches long, the X-SHOT Crusher is an intimidating foam dart weapon of mass distraction. The foam darts are much safer for kids than a conventional firearm, and can even be used indoors without causing injury or large holes in the walls. There are no batteries to buy because The X-SHOT Crusher is powered by air. Best of all, it’s only a toy.

The X SHOT Crusher is available at Target for under thirty bucks, and it’s a great stress reliever. It can encourage physical activity, which a lot of kids haven’t gotten much of lately, and even bored adults might want one so they can sit across the room and try to knock over action figures on a display shelf.

The X-Shot Crusher is the only blaster a kid really needs.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Looks like all those Nerf Blasters have some competition. It’s funny, but I can remember when “Nerf” was just a foam ball that you could “safely play with indoors”. These days, the Nerf arsenal probably rivals the munitions supply of some small countries. And now we have this! 🙂

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