It’s sort of Summer Vacation time here at PopCult. I’ll tell you more about our unexpected break on West Virginia Day later this week, but right now it’s time to clue you in on the marathons that we’re running in lieu of new programming on The AIR for the next few days. Tune in at the website, or on this handy embedded radio player…

With Mr. and Mrs. PopCulteer headed up North for The Marx Toy Convention and a family visit later this week, we decided that now would be a good time to let new listeners sample the awesome goodness of our programming on The AIR. We actually started yesterday, with an all-day West Virginia Day marathon of Radio Free Charleston, but internet gremlins kept us from telling you about that.

For the remainder of Wednesday and all night long, you can hear Mel Larch host the best of musical theatre on Curtain Call. You still have time to tune in and catch songs from hit musicals like Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, and many, many more. You can get your theatre jollies on all night long Wednesday.

Thursday sees Radio Free Charleston International, the show where I get to play whatever I want, take over at 7 AM and run until 1 AM, when The Swing Shift assumes its weekly position as the overnight antidote to squaresville.

On Friday, Radio Coolsville takes the stage at 9 AM for a 12-hour marathon that will be followed immediately by an hour of The Third Shift, with Jay and Jarod. On Radio Coolsville, DJ Betty Rock brings you the best of college radio, with a healthy dash of quality surprises, all hosted from WMUL in Huntington. The guys on The Third Shift bring you Beer, Babes and Beyond every week on The AIR.  At midnight, settle in for an all-night Ska party, with Dexter Checkers and Ska Madness in an after-dark marathon.

Saturday, spend the day with legendary London disc jockey Sydney Fileen as she brings you Sydney’s Big Electric Cat all day long, filling the airwaves with crunchy New Wave goodness!

Spend Sunday afternoon with Michele Zirkle Marcum as a five-hour marathon of the most recent episodes of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Marcum kicks off at noon. Learn all about the spirtual side of the different forces affecting every day life.

Then at 6 PM, after this week’s episode of Marking Out, it’s six hours of The (BS) Crazy Show. At Midnight we have our second weekly overnight marathon of The Swing Shift. For some reason, folks like to swing all night long before starting the work week.

Monday it’s Prognosis, hosted by Herman Linte, all day long bringing you the best of the last half-century of progressive rock. If YES, ELP, Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and their fellow travelers are your bag, you’ll want to soak in this marathon all day long and into the next morning.

And then Tuesday we get back to what passes for normal on The AIR. I promise.