Helping to bust the myth that there’s nothing to do in Charleston, here’s a look at some cool things going on right in the middle of this holiday-shortened week.

Tonight at The Empty Glass, Sheldon Vance, one of Radio Free Charleston’s favorite Appalachian Acoustic Punk/Honky Tonk performers will tag-team with Jeremy “Wood” Roberts, an Americana Songwriter Extraordinaire, for a cover-free show of terrific music, starting at 10 PM.

Vance and Wood at The Glass Wednesday night

Vance and Wood at The Glass Wednesday night

There will also be the usual open mic at The Blue Parrot, anchored by Prank Monkey. I believe the music there also kicks off at 10 PM and is cover-free.

Thursday night sees too great shows that don’t start at the same time, and also are at venues right around the corner from one another, AND they are also both cover-free, so you can get a full night of music for NUTHIN’!

First up at 7 PM, it’s Third Eye Cabaret, at The Fireside Bar and Lounge, upstairs from Little India, and they are kind enough to put all the pertinent details into one handy-dandy graphic…


After that, get ready for ultra-progressive experimental music coupled with seizure-inducing lasers and animation as GD Chuk and Zygote Collective take the stage at The Empty Glass, right around 10 PM. It’s cover-free and mind-blowing, all wrapped up in one cool experience.


Looking ahead to Friday, Timothy’s, below The Quarrier Diner, presents a low-key Beatles tribute starting at 9 PM…


Earlier Friday, don’t forget Live on the Levee, with Tape Age (seen below) and Meet Me In The Matinee. That free outdoor show kicks off at 6:30 PM, right on Kanawha Boulevard.