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Monday Evening Art: Dimensional Cables

We kick off the week in PopCult (a few hours late) with yet another digital painting, this time an excercise in mucking with the geometric application of the negative image filter to what was a piece that I was less than happy with.  You can see the original on the other side of the jump, along with news on the next Radio Free Charleston and stuff coming up at PopCult this week.   Anyway, this here painting dates back to the batch of stuff I created for the Emily Haynes benefit.  It’s not part of that series, but proceeds from this will go to still go to Emily and her family, so go over to the Cafepress stores and max out your credit cards. It’s for a good cause.  As I write this, it’s looking like Cafepress is having technical issues, but go over there anyway and buy some stuff. This image will go up over there as soon as we can make it so.

As is the norm, clickedy-click the image for a larger version.  The internet gods willing, you can cruise over to the Monday Morning Art Cafepress store and purchase this image on a variety of garments and fine trinketry.    Also, all of the artwork for Emily will be available from the PopCult Cafepress store at least through the end of summer. All proceeds will go to Emily.  I’m also working on hooking up with a local gallery to sell prints of this work, again with all the proceeds going to my friend Emily and her family. 

If the Force is truly with us, then tomorrow you can catch the newest episode of Radio Free Charleston, right here at The!  This show features music from A Place Of Solace, The Coal Men and Holden Caulfield, plus a message from The Concept and a short bit of animated tomfoolery. 

The Coal Men will be at the Empty Glass Saturday night, and I’ll have more about that later this week in PopCult. Also, there is a huge show at Davis Park Saturday in the daytime.  Expect more info on that show, which will feature RFC guests Doctor Senator and Holden Caulfield, among many others.  That’s all coming later this week in PopCult, along with production notes on episode 41, “IWA East Coast Shirt.”

 Now, here’s the orginal version of “Dimensional Cables.”

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  1. Elvis Capone

    That “Cafe Press” store ain’t so good. I bought one of their “No Pest Strips”, an ostensible bug-killer with a picture of Doctor Senator on it. It was represented as a pest-killer, which I took to mean that it would kill roaches, wasps, and dobermans. Instead, it killed my infant child. While I am grateful for that, it was not the service advertised. I wonder if I should buy my lasiks surgery through Cafe Press. Eyesight is pretty cool, and I hesitate to risk bodily funtions on a internet-thingy. My bowels worry me, too.

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