Hot hot heat

See if you can figure out why this week’s MMA is called “Heat.” Here’s some clues: My air conditioning is not working (there’s a guy here recharging the freon as I type this). It’s been so hot that the next RFC has been delayed until next Monday due to heat-induced lethargy. Chocolate bars in my house are liquid at room temperature. 

It’s hot.  So I made hot art.  It’s personally topical.  

As always, click the image for a larger version.  Also, you can cruise over to the Monday Morning Art Cafepress store and purchase this image on a variety of garments and fine trinketry.    The stores will be updated later Monday.  The heat makes me move all slow and stuff.  Any dough made from the sale of this work will go to help out my buddy, Emily Gunter-Haynes, as has been the case for the last several weeks.  All of the artwork for Emily will be available from the PopCult Cafepress store at least through the end of summer. All proceeds will go to Emily.  I’m also still working on hooking up with a local gallery to sell prints of this work, again with all the proceeds going to my friend Emily and her family.